When Liam is diagnosed with leukemia, he gives up all semblance of hope. Zayn might be the only one who he can hold on for...

“Harry,” Says Liam, “Do you know that bloke over there?”

“Huh?” Says Harry, hardly looking up from his phone. “Oh, no,” he says, upon briefly glancing up.

“Well then why is he staring so much?” Asks Liam, more to himself than to Harry.

“Hey Harry, where’s Niall?”

Harry glances up disparagingly for a second, then sighs. “Look, Liam, I don’t know. I’m trying to text someone at the moment, so if you don’t mind...”

Liam feels a bit snubbed, but he decides to brush it off and text Niall, his other best mate. Harry’s texting fast and furiously, so Liam doesn’t feel bad when he pulls out his mobile.

Hey mate, where r u

Im at Nandos

What? Niall were at Nandos and I cant see u

Well where are u

At r table!!!

Well hold on a bloody second!

After the exasperating texts from Niall stop coming, Liam sits back and looks around, scanning the restaurant for Niall, his best mate (aside from Harry).

Liam, Niall and Harry have been best mates since they were babies; Their mothers were great friends in high school. When Liam and Harry both happened to move across the street from Niall when they moved to Mullingar at the ages of 4 and 3 (respectively), they clicked immediately (a good thing, considering how much time their mothers spent together). Now they’re 17; And still as close as ever.


Liam jumps out of his seat and falls to the floor.

“Niall, you git!”

Niall just laughs, ruffles his hair, and sits in the seat between Harry and Liam.

Liam’s a bit ruffled at the scare, but he gets very pissed when he sees the boy from before doubling over and guffawing. Niall simply sniggers when he notices the badly hidden grins around the room; The boys are regular customers at this particular Nandos.

Liam sticks up his nose at Niall until Niall gives him a puppy dog face; The Irishman’s pouty lips and long lashed eyes are too much for Liam, and he groans and belts the boy’s side.

“That’s for being a bloody awful mate,” Says Liam.

The two sit in companionable silence for the next few minutes, waiting for Harry to look up and rejoin the conversation, but to no avail; Harry is completely engrossed in his conversation with whoever it is he’s texting.

“Hey Liam, do you know that bloke over there?”

Liam’s daydreaming about a girl he’s been flirting with, Cher, so he absentmindedly replies (as would any seventeen year old boy), “No, but your mum probably does.”

“Hey! Leave me mum out of this,” Exclaims Niall. “And anyways, he’s staring at you,” finishes the blonde.

Niall’s accusatory tone snaps Liam completely out of his daydream, and when he looks up, he realizes it’s that same bloke from before.

This is the fifth time someone’s caught the bloke staring, and he blushes and looks down.

Now Liam’s really curious as to why he’s staring; Maybe he’s gay?

Liam begins to study the boy in more detail; He’s got deep, warm brown skin, with undertones of gold. His hair is carefully styled, and raven black. His eyes, though Liam only caught a glimpse, are light golden-brown.

All in all, the boy may just be the most gorgeous thing Liam’s ever seen.

When the boy looks up again, he meets Liam’s eyes. When his eyes sweep up to Liam’s plain brown ones, it causes a strange sensation to go down Liam’s spine. He can’t look away, he can’t move, he can only look straight into the beautiful boy’s gentle eyes.

When Liam collapses, those eyes are the last things he sees.

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