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As i woke up i rushed to the bathroom before Harry went in. 10 seconds passed.. i heard a knock on the door. ''Hurry up in there i need to brush my teeth. ''said Harry. i quickly brushed my teeth and comed my hair, i opend the door softly and went downstairs. there were Louis and Zayn. ''Goodmorning! '' they exclaimed. i suddenly felt a vibration in my shorts it was a text from Liam. ''Are you ready to tell the lads yet?''  I replied ''Yes but i need you with me.'' What the guys didn't know is that Liam and i were secretly dating. Niall came running down the stairs, i chuckled and asked "Why so funky this morning?'' He replied with '' I'm not funky just hungry.'' I laughed and turned around, suddenly i heard the door open i rushed to the door and saw liam. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug. we heard zayn coming to the door asking '' Brooke Who's at the door?'' i quickly got my hands off Liam and said '' NO ONE ITS JUST LIAM.'' He saw us and said '' VAS HAPPENIN? '' we replied '' nothing nothing'' as we headed to the kitchen. Harry came down as happy as a cat getting fed. Liam led me to the upstairs hall, he pulled me closer to him and he gave me a quick kiss and said ''I love you babe.'' I responded '' i love you too baby.'' what we didn't know was that louis over heard me say ''i love you too baby.'' Louis told the other boys. Liam led me downstairs, as we grabed our plates The boys were just staring at every move we made. Lim sat down next to me. We all finished our meals and went outside for a walk. Liam said ''Lads Brooke and i are going to the mini market 2 blocks away.'' We ran there. we sat down in a bench. Liam kissed my cheek and grabbed my hand. The boys followed us there , they were hiding behind a parked car spying on us. I asked liam '' when are we gonna tell the boys about our relationship?'' He replied '' During dinner.'' i Was okay with it. we stood up and went back to the boys. Zayn exclaimed  " we have to beat them there!'' the boys ran as we got there we met with the boys and went down for dinner. In dinner Liam asked politely '' Can brooke and i say something? '' Niall Replied suspiciously '' SURE . '' I said gently '' Liam and i have been dating these passed days..'' Harry said '' OH WE KNOW. YUP WE KNOW.'' Liam asked '' how? '' Louis chuckled ''  over heard brooke say '' i love you too baby.'' we all had a laugh. we all headed upstairs liam decided to sleep with me that night. We turned off the lights and off we went to sleep.

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