The Past [part 4]

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I keep behind her as she walks slowly over rubble and debris as feminine as I think possible. I look around almost in a paranoid way every few minutes making sure no one is following us or have spotted us. It is slowly getting dark and I have not seen any potential areas for rest. I groan and frown as I look up at the approaching moon sharing the sky with the fading sun. I trudge slowly through the junk piled on the ground and try catching up to her.  

I end bumping into her back and looking up from the ground to see why she stopped. As I lift my head all I see is an endless amount of flat land. All is see is nothing but dirt and a few tuffs of grass attempting to grow in the deserted plain.  

"What are we going to do?" She murmurs with anxiety growing slowly in her voice. I can't help but think the same thing. As we stare out at the flat land I manage to spot where the city continues, where is seems the bots haven't ruined too much.  

"If we cross this quickly we can continue through the city on to the bridge to the next city where is will be much safer." She sighs in response and I sigh as well, I have a feeling she never intended on going off to the other towns or cities. The little bot that has been cradled in her arms makes a beeping noise and jumps out of her arms with no warning. She cries out in protest and looks to me with pleading eyes before running after it. I could never deny those eyes . . . damn bot. 

The little bot is much faster than I imagined, hopping and bouncing off debris farther and farther from the flat plain of dirt. As we keep chase the bot begins slowing down and approaching a faint light. Is it another group of survivors? I sure as hell hope so, cause after chasing that bot. I have no energy to fight for very long. She seems to trust the bot though, so I guess I will too, for now.  

As we approach closer to the light it grows brighter and brighter. I hover my hand over my eyes to spare the blinding of them and wrap my arm around her waist keeping her close as we walk through a thin veil of cloth. She doesn't seem to protest me keeping her close, in fact she presses her hips even closer which I can't help but smiling about. 

The light dulls as we pass the cloth and we end up encountering a small group of men, dirty and slumped over a small warm fire. They all look young and possibly my age but very beat up. I don't remove my arm from her waist but I do move my hand from my forehead and clear my throat.  

"Do you guys mind if we stay with you for a little while? We are trying to find a safe place to escape to where the bots haven't gotten to yet." I ask slowly, watching intently to their expressions.  

"Can she cook?" One of the guys points a dirty thin finger at her. She quickly nods and smiles a bit. "Well you two can stick around as long as you want then, as long as you hold your weight." I nod in response and let go of her waist to go over and introduce myself.  

                                                                            * * *

 After a long night of talking I find out that the three young men are brother that managed to escape as the bots invaded their home and attacked their parents, they didn't want to leave their parents but they had no choice as their parents screamed for them to run. They all are two years apart the oldest starting at twenty years old, the same age as me. They have been walking much longer than us and I respect them greatly for being able to make it this far with the lack of resources they have. They admitted they were ecstatic to see that I had a young woman with me because they are running out of canned food. Too bad she wasn't awake to hear the compliment, having her head resting on my lap as she slept softly brought out even more compliments.  

The guys luckily had extra blankets and bedding so I guess in a way we were meant to bump into these young men. I glance over at the small bot as I lay back on the bedding after everyone else has went to sleep and wonder if this was the bots plan. Nah, it was a pure coincidence.  

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