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(Josh’s POV)

I remember… I think to myself as I run my fingers across my tingling lips. Well, I couldn’t remember everything, but I could recall certain things about Claire. Little things. Like the way she tried to tidy everything up and how she talked in her sleep. The stories she told me still hadn’t stirred anything inside my brain though. Although, they did sound pretty familiar. Maybe that was because they really did happen to me. The one thing I was starting to remember the most was my love for Claire.

Whenever I thought about her, I felt a pang of sorrow run through me, desperate for her touch. The kiss however did make me think of a time when her and I kissed for the first time. It was on a leather couch at one of the concerts. That’s the clearest memory for me though, besides the one and how her and I met.

I close my eyes, taking a deep breath. I was always so exhausted after the sessions with her and occasionally Niall. It was mentally draining. I soon fell asleep. It seemed like even when I closed my eyes, Claire was still on my mind, taking over my dreams.

I cannonball into a pool in this dream. Claire soon followed after me. She swam over to me and soon had her arms and legs wrapped around me. We get out to the pool and start walking through a building that almost looked like a hotel. After we got inside a hotel room, that’s what I’m assuming it is, I kissed her hard and pressed her up against the wall. I was beginning to strip off our swimwear. I picked her up and laid her down on the bed as I kiss her intimately everywhere possible. The feeling of being with her felt so realistic. It was uncanny and unlike a regular dream, nothing was fuzzy. I could remember every detail of it. Especially the way Claire’s nails dug into my back as we moved our bodies moved together rhythmically.

Suddenly, just as it’s about to get to the good part, I jolt awake, covered in sweat. It was so real. Then it hit me. This wasn’t just some ordinary dream. This was a memory. As that dawned on me, more things flooded into my head.

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