Irish Whispers (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

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Kinley is in love. Her parents and the almost the whole world doesn’t approve. She walks down the street where she and Niall first met. He’s gone now. She was forced to break up with him and completely erase him from her life. She snuck behind her parents’ back. She dated a guy who they didn’t approve of. She told her parents she was staying with her friend that moved out of state. When they found out, she paid the ultimate price. Her dad didn’t talk to Niall, no; there are too many security guards. She could still be with Niall now if the management approved, but they blew it out of proportion, they let it headline every magazine and news channel in the world. Her parents found out a year later when a magazine issue her mom orders had her and Niall on the cover.

She comes to the old fair grounds; it’s been a year since it’s been open and it was this time of the year again. This was where she and Niall first met. He and his friends usually go to huge amusement parks. You could probably imagine how chaotic it was having a super famous boy band there. She was in trouble, older guys wouldn’t leave her alone, they were harassing her and following her. Kinley has always been mistaken for being older. Niall saw her yelling at the boys and helped her out. He had her hang out with him and the rest of the lads. She was kept safe from the older guys that were desperate to have her.

Of course Kinley loved One Direction. She was your ultimate fan-girl. She loved them but she knew she would never have a chance; that was until; she again, was mistaken for her age by Niall. She befriended Niall. She at least wanted to be Niall and the boys’ friend. Over the months Niall was staying in London, she found him flirting with her. She was falling harder everyday for him. She realized with all of his flirting that he must’ve not known her age.

Kinley sits down in the Ferris wheel cart. The man smiles at her and puts the belt over her. The Ferris wheel starts spinning. Last time she rode it, Niall was on one side and Harry was on the other. Niall had bought her cotton candy and they were talking and getting to know each other. She realizes now that she never mentioned her age. It comes to a stop at the bottom and she hands the man two more tickets. He smiles and he spins her back, unloading the cart in front of her.

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