Chapter Twenty- Acting like Children

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Author's Note:

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I'm going to dedicate this chapter to @Allyson_Hykes because she is so nice and is always commenting on this story with good feed back and it means alot. So thank you Allyson! :D

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*Kaylea's P.O.V*

I hung up the phone and went to bed, I was tired. I told Justy that I "won" tickets for them to fly out here to see me but when they got here I would tell them what really happened. She seemed so happy and she was excited, I hoped Jadaih and Haley would be too when they find out. I slipped off my outfit and put on a over-sized t-shirt that went right above my knees. I layed down on my bed and instantly fell asleep.

Next Morning

"It's time to get up, in the morning......."

I rolled over in my bed, I heard singing.

"So you gotta get up! Time to get up!" Five familiar voices started screaming singing at the same time.

"Ughhhh" I rolled over and fell on the floor. Laughter filled the room. Somebody's strong arm grabbed my arm and helped me off the ground.

"Good morning beautiful!" Harry said leaning in and giving me a kiss on my temple.

"Or should we say good afternoon, sleepyhead?" Louis snapped at me.

"Wait, what time is it?"

"Uh 12:30 missy! You need to get ready, your spending a day with us! Except for Harry, he had you yesterday, so its our turn!" Louis yelled.

"Well you have to let me get ready then, give me thirty minutes?" I asked.

"Thirty minutes, that is all. And we will be counting." Louis said, all the boys except my boyfriend left.

"I'll miss you today, but you guys will have fun." Harry said, while grabbing my waist. "Your even sexy when you first get up!" he said with a wink.

I flushed red, I looked down at myself I thought I looked awful. "Thank you handsome! But you gotta go, I only have 30 minutes!" I gave him a quick kiss and shoved him out of the room. I guess Jenny was at work, I'll text her later on.

I only had 25 minutes left so I hopped in the shower real quick. It was a quick shower so I was only in there for 10 minutes. 15 minutes left. I knew Louis would be counting every minute so I had to make every minute count.

Outfit, outfit, outfit?! What was I supposed to wear, I didn't know where we were going. Ugh I was going to have to call Louis and waste the little time I had.

"Hello. Shouldn't you be getting ready? You only have like 13 minutes left." Louis said on the phone.

"I know, I know. But I need to know how I'm supposed to dress."

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