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Austin's pov -  It was a Tuesday morning and I had the whole day planned out for me and Ashley. First I was gonna make a hear breakfast, than we would relax like a normal couple and watch a movie. Since me and her are famous  we haven't be able to go out on dates and stuff because of the paps. But I told them not to coming around or I will sue all of them. But they backed away so they won't be bothering us. Anyway this was gonna be like the last week of " free time" because my buds are coming over and I want Ashley to hang out with sarah and ill be hanging out with my boys. I miss them alot. Anyway after making her breakfast and the movie i'm gonna take her to the beach where I have something to give her. Then we will go bowling and then dinner and then come back home. It was going to be perfect. 

I was cooking breakfast for her. My mom and the rest went out for breakfast. I made Ashley some bacon and eggs with orange juice some nice and calm for her stomach since they just took the baby out. I was down cooking when I heard Ashley coming down the steps and she looked beautiful. She had on her shorts and tank top with her hair hanging down low. 

Ashley - "Mhmm something smells good" she smiled.

Austin - " only because you walked in the room" I smiled.

Ashley" you are such a charmer" she stuck her tounge out.

Austin -" I know but you love me though." 

Ashley - "yes. I. do." she said and kissed me.

I didn't wanna stop the kiss so I picked her up and put her on the table and had my hands on her waist and kept going, it felt like we were a married couple. 

Ashley - " Austin.." she said breathing hard.

Austin -" yes?"

Ashley - " The food is going to burn if you don't watch it"

Austin - "oh oops sorry! you see what you do to me?"

Ashley - "I guess i got a spell on you" she winked.

Austin - " yeah a sexy spell" I smirked.

Ashley was eating her food... call me crazy but she looked adorable while doing it. I was done so I waited in the living room for her.

Ashley - " you just let me at the kitchen all alone" she putting on a baby face.

Austin -" awww i'm sowy how can austy make it up too you?" I said with a baby tone.

Ashley - "oh you don't have to do anything...." she said seductively. 

Austin -" what do you have in mind?"

Ashley -"oh austy you will have to wait and see" she winked and sat on my lap.

Austin - "urgh I hate when you tease me like this..."

Ashley - " its for your own good."

Austin - " ok mom" I smirked. she just gave me a look.

Austin -" so you wanna watch a scary movie?"

Ashley - " OMG YES! YES!!" she said jumping.

Austin - "woah ashley! you have to calm down... you are gonna kill my buddy down there and he won't be able to make kids..."

Ashley - "oh i'm sorry Austin!" she said 

Austin - "its ok I kind of enjoyed it anyway" I smirked.

Ashley - "omg you perv"

Austin - "there's nothing to be afraid of we did that position before." I said laughing extra hard.

Ashley - "omg shut up!" she looked embarrased and it was so cute.

Austin - " aww babyyy i'm just messing with you"

Ashley - " turn the movie on and shut up."

I knew she was joking so I just smirked.

It has been an hour into the movie and all me and Ashley have done was kiss and kiss. We have had our lips attached. Its like we didn't wanna let go of each other. She was on top of me with her legs around my waist. I had my hands on hips and she had her hands in my hair. We were enjoying ourselves. Just being each others company that's all we cared about. Ashley finally pulled away.

Ashley - " Austin I love you and your lips are so addicting. "

Austin - " I love you too babe and I know" I smirked.

She got off of me and It was time for me to take her to her next surprise. We got dressed and did everything and me and Ashley got in the car and I turned on the radio and say somethin was on.... we started singing along and dancing along. It was amazing that she knew the words we were having the time of our lives in the car. When we finally reached out destination I got out the car and took Ashley's hand.

Ashley " Austin this beach is BEAUTIFUL. omg how do you find these places?!?" she said shocked.

Austin - "I know things " I smirked. 

Ashley - " you sure do" she said in amazement.

Austin - " I have something to give you to show you that you will be mines forever I don't want anyone to have you. and I don't want you to leave me for anyone else."

Ashley - " I would never do that.. Austin... you are my everything"

Austin - " I know.. but I want it to be a promise. So I want to give you this" I pulled out the necklace.

Ashley - " oh my gosh Austin it is beautiful. "

Austin -" This necklace shows that Ill never leave you. I know we are only 17 but my love for you is out of this world." I said and put the necklace on her.

Ashley - " Austin I love you more than ill ever be able to say we may be young but my love for you is real ill never take the necklace off." she smiled and kissed me.

I kissed her for a long time and then picked her up and spinned her around. I loved her so much.

We got to the bowling ally and Ashley ran over to get her shoes. I take it she loves bowling aha.

Ashley - AUSTIN! AHH THANK YOU FOR TAKING ME HERE!" she yelled in excitement.

Austin - " Its no problem babe" I smiled.

Ashley was beating me in bowling so  far. she was going to bowl again but I ran while the ball was bowling and picked it up and ran with it.

Ashley- " omg Austin give it back ahah" she said chasing me.

Austin - "nope! not until you stop cheating" I said and stuck my tongue out. 

Ashley - " I'm not "she said giggling. she is adorable.

Austin - " you lucky the ball is too heavy and I can't run with it anymore." 

Ashley - "aha whimp!" she teased.

I picked her up and kissed her. She was smiling into the kiss. I loved seeing her beautiful smile.

*Lady behind where the shoes are* " Awww you two are really cute!

Austin and Austin - awww haha thank you.

Lady - "um can I ask you something?"

Austin - "sure"

Lady - " may I have both of your autographs? my children are huge fans."

Austin and ashley - " aww sure."

After me and Ashley signed the autographs I had remembered I was gonna give her something else and it couldn't wait till dinner. 

Austin - "hey baby! I have t run to the car and get something"

Ashley - "ok" she smiled.

Austin -" I got to my car and went to the truck to get the gift. I turned around when I felt someone kick me in the stomach and then someone else kicked me in the face and I felt someone punch me really hard in the face. I couldn't move. I layed on the ground coughing and breathing hard. I tried to breath normally but I couldn't... and everything went black.....

Ashley's pov - Where is Austin? it has been 20mins now where is he?"

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