I Lock Eyes with a Fox (Chapter 9)

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Chapter 9

"I Lock Eyes with a Fox"

     We have been traveling for hours. Several hours ago, Akash just packed supplies, and told me we were leaving tonight. Once nightfall fell and the pitch black darkness covered the forest, Akash grabbed me leading me out into a world I could not even see anymore. I tried to argue, but he was rather persuasive…

As he tried to pull me out of the hut and into the dark abyss, I pulled back, jerking my arms away. “How do I know you aren’t just tricking me again? How do I know that I’ll be safe following you?”

Obviously irritated, he growled at me. “You don’t have the choice do you? Think about it. You don’t know this world, let alone this area. How will you find your way to civilization? How would you even deal with the animals in the forest? There are predators here just like in your world. Staying here is just as stupid. Forget about soldiers finding you and killing you. If you stay here, the hut will keep you sheltered, but what will you do when the food runs out?”

I don’t know if he thought things through thoroughly beforehand or if he can just think up excuses off the top of his head, but they sure do make sense. When he puts it that way, I really had no choice. I can’t survive here on my own.

I can barely see the figure in front of me. This world obviously has no city lights, at least, none around here. I look up at the sky where all the stars seem to dance brightly as I walk along. Sapphire was telling the truth about there being two moons. Nearly right above us there is a moon about the size of Earth’s. Right beside it is a large, glowing, white moon that is almost three times the size of Earth’s moon. I wish I could see them better. Clouds were stretched across my only light.

Bam! I walk straight into the dark figure in front of me. I look up at where the shape of the figure’s head is. I can barely make out his head turning to look back at me.

“Why the hell are you dazing off back there?” Akash’s voice was clear and angry.

“What do you mean dazing off? You stopped too suddenly. I can barely see you, you know.”

“I stopped because you obviously need a rest if you are that slow. I would say that if it weren’t for the fact that the reason you are slow is because you are looking at the sky. Your dazing off is slowing us down!”

“I don’t even want to be here! Why do I have to listen to your lectures too?”

Akash stared down at me. As the clouds shifted, releasing the rays of moonlight and bathing Akash’s figure in a beautiful glow, his eyes seem to be glowing just as brightly in the light. He seems so intimidating as his large outline towers down over me.

“Do you want to die, Princess?” His anger was very prominent in his voice as he growled.

“Are you threatening me?” He wouldn’t dare, right? I mean, from what he has been saying, I would think he brought me here to do a job, a job only I can do. I hope I am right, because Akash is scaring me right now.

“I am not threatening you. I am telling you that if we lag behind, An’s soldiers could easily catch up. I can defend you from a few assassins, but I assure you that he will send a small army.”

I step back, scared. “But why would he go through so much trouble? I am just a teenage girl! What did I do to him?”

“You haven’t done anything, yet.”

“What do you mean ‘yet’?”

“In the future, you will kill him. You are the princess. You have the right.”

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