Sweat was coating my back and arms, but I would not back down. Another knife was thrown at me, I dodged it and lashed out with my metal whip. Josephine dodged, then shifted to her elegant gray wolf signaling that it was time to sharpen my claws. I shifted into my large black wolf, baring my teeth at Josephine, daring her to come closer. Today she waited me out, eyes carefully trained on my movements. I growled at her, and feigned right then attacked her left flank. My bite wasn't lethal, it never was when we trained.

Josephine yanked her leg from my teeth and jumped on me, I rolled over so that I was on top of her. She kicked me off and lunged at me, I twisted out of the way. We circled each other snapping our jaws at the other. I swiped my paw at her, throwing Josephine across the room. She landed on her feet and growled her displeasure at being swatted away like a fly. Josephine charged at me, but I jumped and twisted my body to land on her back and dig my claws into her back. She howled and tried to buck me off.

"Ladies, ladies there's no need to fight over me." Eli said breaking our concentration. I got off Josephine's back and shifted back into my human form to raise an eyebrow at him, Josephine shifted and simply stared at him. He sighed, "No sense of humor." He muttered under his breath, "Josephine, your phone has been ringing nonstop and it's annoying." Eli scowled at Josephine.

Josephine smirked, "Well Eli" She drawled, "Since it's bothering you so much, I think I'll take a shower first and then answer the phone." Josephine was a very small blonde with the cutest little baby face and the prettiest brown eyes. She may look fragile, but looks were deceiving and Josephine was trained to be extremely deadly and vicious. No mercy and no emotion. Josephine walked out of the training room, Eli growled at her. Her response was to flip him off.

I started to put everything away, "Don't you have something to set on fire?" I asked Eli as he watched me fix the training room.

Eli simply chuckled, "What has you in a bad mood?" He knew this was not me in a bad mood, this was me in an okay mood.

"You interrupted my training time." I deadpanned and gave him a dry look. Training was the only way I could release adrenaline, well besides sex.

"Well if that's the problem then take a shot at me." Eli challenged, I turned to look at him with an arched eyebrow, "Come on Aurora, you need a release and not a sexual one. Take a shot at me." He smirked at me, "That's if you're not afraid." Eli taunted me.

A devilish smile appeared on my face as I strode towards, my metal whip in my hand. I loved using my metal whip, it had serrated edges and the tip was a knife, it cut through flesh like it was butter. I have two sets of whips, one is tipped with poison and the one I'm using isn't. "I'm never afraid." I purred and lashed out with my whip, Eli wasn't fast enough to dodge it and ended up with several cuts on his arm. "You shouldn't tease me like this Eli, I thought you were going to provide a challenge." My lips formed a taunting smile.

He looked at me with wide eyes, apparently not expecting me to strike that fast. A growl escaped his lips and he charged at me not realizing that I was going to strike with my whip again. To my surprise, he moved his body under the whip and tackled me to the ground.

Eli tried to pin me, but I quickly kicked him off and landed a punch to his gut. He groaned and got up, "Not going easy on me today, are you?" Eli asked, regaining his breath.

I shook my head and gave him a come hither smile, he smirked placed a high kick in my stomach which I deftly avoided. Eli grabbed a knife and threw it, aiming straight for my throat. I quickly avoided it and grabbed my whip. Eli smiled as he grabbed his swords.

Shit was going to get real and I was going to love every second of it.

Eli charged at me, his swords were slashing at the air. I used my whip to try to rip one of the swords from Eli's hand, the whip wrapped around Eli's sword and instead of me taking his sword he took my whip. It clattered to the ground and Eli smirked at me, I gave him a wink and charged at him weaponless. He took a swipe at me with his swords, but I flipped and landed on one of his swords with my feet. Eli couldn't handle my weight making the sword landed on the floor with me on top, I kicked his other sword out of hand and kicked him in the stomach.

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