Chapter 2 - Inko's story

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"What do you mean 'isn't allowed'!?! She's a fucking adult dammit! Tell her I'm here and I wanna talk with her and then let her decide!" I barked and glared down at her, earning the attention of everyone in the room thanks to my temper. 

"You need to keep your voice down sir, this is a hospital and--"

"NO!" I sneered and glared at her as two muscular looking guards came over to us. One of them placed a hand on my shoulder and looked at me, raising a warning eyebrow. I moved my shoulder away and glared at the two men as well. Who the fuck do these people think they are?! 

"Young Bakugou?" A familiar voice from behind me, snapped me out of it as we all turned our attention towards the voice. 

"All Might?" I questioned and looked him up and down, what the hell is he doing here? All Might nodded to the guards as they both walked away as I sighed in relief. 

"What are you doing here?" All Might asked as I turned to him completely and scowled up at his face, he wasn't exactly smiling like he usually does, this smile was more troubled. 

"Was gonna ask you that!" I said as I pointed over my shoulder at the woman sitting at the helpdesk, "trying to get that bitch to tell me the number of Deku's mom's room." I said and glared back at her as she tried to ignore me, helping the next person in line. 

"Young Midoriya's mom? Why?" All Might asked as his smile became even more troubled. I turned my stare to him as I widened my eyes a bit. 

"You know where she is, don't you All Might? Tell me." I said as All Might looked at me in silence before sighing heavily. 

"You worry for him, don't you Young Bakugou?" All Might said as he turned around and waved to me to follow after him. 

"Who? DEKU!? NO WAY!" I said angrily and glared at his back. I just want him to explain himself, that look he gave me... I felt my heart flutter a bit, but I then clenched my fists remembering what he had done later that night. Why did you do it? Is it my fault somehow?

"Then why are you here?" All Might said as he stopped walking and turned sideways to look at me. "I mean, if you don't care about him then why go through the trouble of trying to get to his mom?" All Might then added, he wasn't smiling anymore. 

"What do you want me to say!?" I growled at him and looked him dead in the eye. There was silence for a moment as we just looked at each other. All Might then sighed and opened his mouth to speak.

"Wait here." He said as he entered a room on the other side of the hallway, leaving me alone out here with my thoughts. Why am I here huh..? I don't know, I just... I want that stupid Deku to come back here so my mind can finally leave me the fuck alone! My clenched fists soon began to tremble a bit from the anger of All Might's next question, 'if you don't care about him then why go through the trouble'. 

"I do care..." I said quietly and looked down to my feet. 

"Of course you do..." My head snapped forward as All Might was suddenly standing in front of me again, smiling softly, knowingly, as he held the door open for me. "You can talk to her, but just the two of you and you're not allowed to tell anyone else that you got permission today. Understand Young Bakugou?". I just nodded and pushed my way past him, not wanting to deal with him anymore. Before I had passed him completely though, he grabbed my shoulder, stopping me. 

"Be respectful." He said in a stern, ordering tone that almost sent shivers down my spine. I just pulled free from his grasp and walked into the room at a slower pace than before as All Might closed the door. The sight I was about to see next, I wasn't ready for though. I stopped walking immediately and just looked at her with wide eyes. 

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