Chapter 2 - Inko's story

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Bakugou's POV:

I was on my way back home after today's shitty day of school. I had purposely avoided everyone ever since Aizawa and I had gotten back from the principals' office. I don't wanna deal with any of those damn extras right now. I soon arrived on the street where Deku and I fought that villain yesterday. Everything had, of course, went back to normal already and the street looked as though nothing had ever happened here. 

I kept walking as I turned my attention to my left and saw the wall Deku and I had crashed into as memories of him laying on top of me flooded my mind. I felt heat quickly rise to my face as I looked away and walked faster. Stupid nerd! The way he had looked at me with those big, emerald eyes of his was making my heart beat faster and it was fucking annoying the shit out of me. 

I want him to show himself so I can scold him about it, but I haven't heard any news on his disappearance. They said that he went on a rampage, using his quirk and had attacked his mother... But that little shit doesn't have the balls to do something like that and why the fuck would he go on a rampage? Shit doesn't make fucking sense. 

I arrived at my house and opened the door, my mom immediately walking up to me from the living room. I looked at her and raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to either say something or get out of my way. 

"I assume you've heard what happened to the Midoriya's, Katsuki?" Mom said and looked at me. I just glared at her and gestured my hand for her to continue. "Do you have anything to do with it?" She asked with a stern voice and looked at me as my jaw almost dropped, but I managed to stop it from happening as I just tried to continue to glare at her. 

"I saw that," She said and tapped her food on the floor, beginning to get angry and so was I.

"Saw what!?" I barked and glared even more. She pointed at me and glared right back at me.

"The look in your eyes today and yesterday have been different, other people might not notice when something changes in people, but mothers do and you'd better tell me what you've done to Izuku right now young man!" Mom yelled as she raised her fist and I took a step back and raised my hands in defense, getting myself ready to be hit. 

"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" I barked angrily, but something she had said then hit me. 'Other people might not notice when something changes in people, but mothers do'... Mother's do... DEKU'S MOM! She might have some clues as to where Deku went! I immediately dropped my bag on the floor and turned around, running out of the house and down the street. 

"WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING!?! YOU BETTER COME BACK HERE KATSUKI!!" Mom screamed angrily after me, but I just kept running.

"SHUT UP OLD HAG!!" I yelled back at her before vanishing from her sight and running towards the hospital. 

~ Short time skip to the hospital ~ 

"I need to find Inko Midoriya." I said in a carefree voice as I looked at the woman, standing behind the helpdesk. She smiled at me and nodded as she looked at the screen. Her smile then quickly disappeared for some reason as she looked over at me. 

"I need to know your name and see some id before I can let you get that information sir." She said and gave me this weird, wary look.

"Katsuki Bakugou but I didn't bring any id!?" I said irritated, why the fuck can't she just give me the fucking number of the room so I can get the fuck going!? The woman looked at me and slowly shook her head.

"I'm sorry Mr. Bakugou, but Mrs. Midoriya isn't allowed to get any visitors at the moment." She said and smiled at me again, but she had this untrusting look in her eyes. Okay, now I'm angry. 

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