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Quiet footsteps on the shore,

Shows the path of the one I adore.

The sand flows below my feet,

I become buried beneath.

In the quiet I hear the waves call,

The path ahead us right to prevent a fall.


The prints behind me are washed away ,

As the incoming waves take the sand so gray.

To stand in one place is not my fate,

I must move ahead a new print to create.

I find walking alone is not alone my love,

For your love finds me from above.


I do not get to walk upon your shore,

But touching your loving thoughts makes me soar.

To walk with you and feel the waves beneath my feet,

Makes me know destiny we found a way to cheat.

It is the moment and nothing more yet I  understand,

The world I live in now is the strength of your hand.


When my heart melts into yours,

Death is no more when i visit your shore.

In the sea of life you are the glue that holds,

The sands of time that are made of gold.

So my love when we walk on the sand ,

Love will show two sets of prints time can't ban.


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