Chapter 23 - Unexpected News

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******************** HARRY”S POINT Of VIEW ***************************

“Babe can we get a cat?” I asked Laureta. I really wanted a cat. When dusty died it was so hard on me.

“What kind of cat do you want?” She asked me

“A cute one.” I whined

“Tell you what well go to the adoption place and pick one out.” She said.

“YAY.” I jumped out of bed not caring that I was naked and did a happy dance. Laureta started laughing and covered her eyes.

“HAROLD need to see all of that when I first wake up!” she yelled but was only half serious.

“Okay I’m sorry but we have to pick up your family at the airport in about 2 hours.” I reminded her.

“Oh shit I forgot I got to get ready!” she said running to the bathroom.  While she showered and got ready I made my way to the kitchen still fully naked. I made a bowl of cereal and started eating. Laureta walked in and again she managed to take my breathe away. She looked beautiful.

“You look so beautiful.” I told her

“Thanks babe. You don’t look too bad yourself.” She said with a wink. She made herself a bowl of cereal and we ate in a peaceful silence. She started to get a disgusted look on her face like her cereal suddenly tasted gross. She got up immediately and ran to the bathroom with her hand covering her mouth. She started throwing up as soon as she reached the toilet. I held her hair back so she it would get in the bowl. She finished after about 5 minutes of violently throwing up. “I don’t know what came over me, I’m sorry.” She said.

“Baby its okay it’s not your fault you don’t have to be sorry. Do you feel okay now do you want me to just go pick up your family while you rest here?” I asked her. I hated seeing here sick or upset.

“No ill go I think that’s all that was going to come out.” She said getting up. We headed to the car.

She asked to stop at the CVS that was coming up on the corner I stopped and went to get out of the car. “Can you wait in the car please ill only be a second.” She pleaded. I nodded and she pecked my lips and left to go into the store. Why doesn’t she want me to go in with her? She’s been quiet ever since we left the house. What’s going through her mind? She came back with a bag in her hand but then placed it in her purse before I can see its contents.

“What did you need to get?” I asked her curious.

“Just something to do my hair” she said quickly. I knew she was lying but I let it go for now. We got to the airport twenty minutes later. Laureta's mom texted her saying they landed and already got there bags. We walked in to meet up with them. When Laureta caught sight of them she immediately ran towards them. I loved seeing her happy like this. I walked over to Laureta’s father Luku. I heard so many stories about her family and I am so happy to call them family. I shook Luke’s hand and he pulled me aside.

“Thank you so much for giving me the honor of marrying your daughter sir.” I said nervously.

“You don’t have to be nervous around me harry. I just wanted to make sure you’re sure about your decision. I don’t want my daughter to get hurt. My kids are the most important thing to I know you’re a good man and I know you more than able to provide for her but I just wanted to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.” He said

“Sir, you should have no worries I love your daughter and I cannot wait for the moment I get to call her my wife. Again thank you so much.” I said to him a little less nervous. He nodded and smiled and we made our way back to the others.

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