Ryan's Ten Commandments.

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I. I'm not allowed to drive anyone but myself anywhere unless I obey the law.

II. I can't call Bam "Baby" in public or ever, it makes weird fangirls excited.

III. I can't get a shirt or badge that says "Condom Police"

IV. Novak isn't a punching bag, even if he really deserves it.

V. Pythons aren't acceptable pets in Castle Bam.

VI. Nor is naming then "Whoops I lost it."

VII. Rikki will rail you in the genitalia if you call her Mama.

VIII. Clothes are MANDATORY.

IX. My motorcycle only holds me and a pretty girl, no exceptions, no matter how light or pretty the other girl looks.

X. I'm not allowed to tattoo my name on Rikki anymore.

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