Chapter 5: Meeting the Perverted Preist My Mom Hates

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***Kokoro’s POV***

(At True Cross Academy)

“Uh, Mr. Johann? Why didn’t you give me a room at the girl’s dormitory?” I asked Mephisto, using his alias. He looked down at me and shrugged.

“Your mother wanted me to give you a room away from the ‘pathetic human girls’ as she called them. I almost feel sorry for them, even if they don’t know about her.” He replied. “She also demanded that I gave you a room closer to mine so that if you need anything, you can get to me without getting in trouble. I’ve already explained to everyone that you’re my daughter… Although I do hate the questions.”

“Well, why did you tell them then?” I asked. Mephisto chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

“Because I’m proud. I have a daughter and she’s extremely adorable and smart. I know it’s wrong to boast but I just can’t help it~!” he sang. I glanced up at him and gave a dry laugh.

“That and you don’t want the other teachers to think you’re a pedophile.” I added starkly. He dropped his head and gave a sad pout.

“I guess you knew then…” I nodded my head and continued to follow him down the long hall.

“So, I’ll be staying with a friend of yours who is a perverted priest?” I asked suddenly. Mephisto then threw back his head and laughed wildly.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! HEEHEEHEE! HOHAHAHEEHEE! That’s what your mother called him! When they first met we had decided to go out to dinner and she wore a dress, which was quite revealing might I add, and let’s just say he was lucky to get away with only a bloody nose. Your mother is like an Angelfish. Beautiful yet symbolizing bad luck to those around.” He explained. I tilted my head in confusion.

“I thought Angelfish were a Korean myth that meant droughts were inevitable.” I started. Mephisto stopped and put a gloved hand up to his chin in thought.

“I didn’t know that…. Huh” he shrugged it off and kept walking. “Well, once you’re done a maid will show you to the car and bring you to Father Fujimoto. I wish I could bring you myself, but I’ve neglected my paperwork for far too long. I hope you understand.” Mephisto said, stopping in front of a large door. I nodded my head in understanding as he pulled a key from his pocket and handed it to me. “This key will bring you straight to your room from where ever you are in the school, it is important that you don’t lose it.” I sighed and nodded my head again, reaching for the key. But Mephisto only raised it higher above my head.

“You aren’t amusing.” I started. He only chuckled calmly and stuck the key into the lock, turning the knob to the side and stepping away as the door swung open.

“Welcome to your room. If it’s not to your liking, we can have it renovated by the time you come back.” Mephisto explained, bowing in a fancy fashion as I peered inside the large room. I almost gasped in shock as I saw that everything seemed to match what I had before.

“Ah…. It’s perfect!” I said louder than I intended. Smiling (almost), I went into the room and twirled around while Mephisto leaned against the doorway and watched, a content grin plastered to his face. “I love it.” I told him, going through the wardrobe. He nodded his head and walked in to stand next to me.

“There’s a lot to choose from, I didn’t particularly know what you liked to wear so I got you the darker clothes, mainly dresses, because from what I’ve seen you wear, that’s about it. I found a kimono that I thought you’d like so I tossed it in as well. Your uncle also added some odd trinkets that are over on the desk… he likes to explore Japan and bring random stuff home with him.” My father explained, pointing over to the desk. I followed his finger and went to investigate, finding a small jewelry box sitting in the middle of a black wood desk that stood in front of one of the two large windows. Opening the box, I saw many gothic items like mini poison bottle necklaces, sider rings, and even bullet bracelets.

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