(Niall’s P.O.V.) 

Kelsey had promised breakfast in the morning, so I went over to Louis’s house as soon as I woke up. I ran into the kitchen but slowed down when I saw Louis in the kitchen alone burning toast.

“What happened to Kelsey making breakfast?” I asked gloomily, sitting on the bar stool. Louis sighed.

“I don’t know. I went to her room to wake her up and she was crying and Charlotte told me to get out and leave them alone. Must be some girl thing. Maybe her period,” Louis said. The toast popped out of the toaster and it was completely black. Louis groaned and went to butter the toast, but I was worried.

“I don’t think girls cry just because they’re on their period,” I said slowly. Louis looked away guiltily. “What’s really wrong with her?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do! You can’t keep a secret to save your life!” I accused. He sighed.

“It’s not my place to tell you, Niall. Why don’t you go up and ask her?” he said. He started to butter his burnt toast and I groaned and jumped off my chair and went upstairs to find Kelsey.

When I reached her door I could hear the muffled sounds of her crying and talking to Charlotte. I considered turning around and going downstairs because it didn’t seem like she’d want me there, but I sucked it up and went in.

They both looked at me, startled. Kelsey was hugging Charlotte tightly and Charlotte had a hand in her hair. Kelsey quickly wiped her eyes and sat up and smiled at me.

“Sorry about breakfast Niall, I’ll make it in a few minutes,” Kelsey said.

“Take your time, I was just wondering what’s wrong,” I said, sitting down across from them.

“Just…having some girl time. I’ll be down soon,” she assured me, trying to get me out of the room.

“I promise if you tell me I can help you,” I urged. She sighed.

“Niall, please leave.”

“I want to help – ”

“Niall. She asked nicely, leave,” Charlotte said. I glared at both of them and Kelsey wiped her face one more time because her tears wouldn’t stop, but she was still smiling.

I sighed and stood up. “Fine.”

I made my way to the door. “Wait,” Kelsey said. I turned around and she shifted a little. Charlotte raised her eyebrows and Kelsey sniffed. “My family died in a car accident. That’s why I’m living here. I have good days and bad days, and today is a bad day. I’ll be down soon. Please leave.”

“Kelsey, I’m so – ”

“Leave,” she said firmly. She took a shaking breath and I nodded and left the room, shutting the door behind me. As soon as the door was shut I could hear her crying again. I wanted to go back in and help her, but I was sure Charlotte was doing a fine job.

I went downstairs where Louis was messing with a poptart. I sat down silently and he shot me a look. “She told you?”


“Crazy, right?”

“I know,” I agreed. Louis took a bite of poptart and faced me with a sad expression.

“I just wish there was some way we could help her,” he said sadly. I shrugged.

“I’d say the best thing we can do is keep her mind off it. Keep her occupied. Keep her…happy,” I said slowly. Louis nodded and Charlotte and Kelsey bounded down the stairs.

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