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I woke up the next day to Rebecca shaking me awake. I was a little groggy and I was wondering why she was waking me up so early. Then I remember what it was today. The day I found out if I was going to the 2012 Olympics.

Rebecca: let's go. Come on I don't want to be the last ones to know!!!

Starr: Alright, i am just going to go in my PJ's I don't care I am really excited.

I grabbed my phone and we both ran to the door to the gym.   Alot of girls were crowing around the door (where the list was posted). There were sobs and there were a few YEAHS!!. Rebecca and I slowly crept to the door and by the time we got to the front we were the only two people there. We both decided to look at the same time. And what I saw would change my life forever.

Congratulations to the following girls for making it onto the 2012 Olympic Team:

Imogen Cairns

Jennifer Pinches

Rebecca Tunney 

Elizabeth Tweddle 

Hannah Whelan

Starr Balire

Rebecca and I started jumping around and screaming. I quickly looked at my phone. 7:05. The best moment of my life will forever be at 7:05. Rebecca called her parents and was gushing to them for hours. I just called Robert and we had a quick short conversation. He was working and he said he would cal me back later, which he never did.

We both ran to our room and packed our stuff. We were moving to a different training center to prepare for the Olympics. This was the best day of my life. 

We arrived at the new Convention Center and my jaw literally dropped. I didn't even know a gym could be this big. Oh my god I am dying! I turned to Rebecca and we ran to get our room assignments. We were a little disappointed when we weren't on the same floor as each other. But we would still talk to each other during practice.

Rebecca: Okay well I am off to my room. I'll see you later?

Starr: Alright. Bye!

i walked into my room and saw a girl who had already claimed one of the two beds. I heard that she was in the shower, so I decided to pick out an outfit to wear to the mixer. It was really for everyone who made an Olympics team in the Gymnastics category. My roommate came out of her room and looked at me like I was a disease. And I didn't exactly like her either. Imogen.


Imogen: Can you believe they are letting those little kids train with us.

Elizabeth: I know we have been working in gymnastics longer than they have been alive.


Imogen: Well unfortunately it looks like I am roomed with you. Just don't touch my stuff and get out of my way and we might not have a breakdown. Kay?

Madison: Okay well -

Imogen: What I say goes. Just think of me as your mom. I tell you what to do and after the Olympics are over, I will give you up for adoption. Now go away. I need to have a conversation with someone who can actually count to 10.

God I hated her. Did she really think I couldn't count to ten? I'm not that dumb! I was seriously going to get her one day. I got dressed and headed down to the mixer and I knew absolutely no one. Rebecca texted me saying she went for ice cream with her roommate. At least they are getting along, I thought. 

 I went to grab my punch and great, I bumped into someone. 

"Sorry" I said, as I fumbled the with napkin. 

"Its okay. My name is Keaton, what's yours?" He said. I looked into his lovely green eyes and smiled.

"My name is Starr. Nice to meet you Keaton," I put my hand out for him to shake, "are you a gymnast?"

"No, I'm in a band. We're performing here. What about you?"

"I'm a gymnast. Just got on the 2012 Olympic Team." I smiled a little bit, I had the right to brag, it was hard.

"No way!! That is so cool!" He smiled at me.

"So you're in a band?" I said, hoping to keep the conversation going.

"Yeah, you should come listen to us play. We are on playing later tonight, around 7:30. You should listen."

"We? How many people are in your band?" I replied as I grabbed a mini finger sandwhich.

"It's me, my brother Wes, and my honorary brother Drew."

"Honorary brother?"

"He is like our brother, but like by blood, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah I-" then I was cut off by another boy.

"Keaton, we have to go set up." He smiled at me, and grabbed Keaton.

"Starr, this is my brother Wes, Wes this is Starr. She made the 2012 Olympic Gymnastic Team"

"That's cool!" Wes replied, half-interested, half-hurrying him along.

"Nice meeting you Starr, we gotta go Keaton!"

"Well, I'll see you at 7:30?" Keaton said as he walked away.

"See you then!" I said as he walked away, I threw my finger sandwich in the trash and looked at the clock: 7:05. Only 25 minutes to go..

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