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Jess stood at the doorway of her living room looking at her beautiful daughter, Olivia. a smile grew upon her face as she stared at her daughter taking in her appearance, her blue eyes stood out from her sun kissed skin, her curly blond locks reached to her waist shinning in the light. Her floral dress crumpled beneath her knees as her eyes were glued to the glowing TV screen. Olivia's farther, Joesph, out of her life before hers even began, her mother, Jess, was only 21 when she fell pregnant with Olivia. Her relationship with Olivia's farther lasted a short 3 years when they met in a local pub in London. Jess started to flirt with other men around the pub to make Joseph jealous, as she expected he started to become jealous, he made his way over to her forgetting everyone else in the pub and concentrating on her. He came up to her with the chat up line 'can i buy you a drink' she smiled and seductively said yes please, they got talking and after 2 hours of chatting and drinking they decided to get a cab to jess's house. When they got to jess's house they opened a bottle of wine and got chatting some more, they told each other everything about each other and finished the wine. They then began to make love, the morning after Joseph had disappeared no a sign of where but it was obvious he just wanted a one night stand. After a few days i begun to have pains on the right side of my stomach, but as you do i ignored it but then i begun to have them more and more each day so i decided to go to the doctors, They asked me if i had, had sex in the past 2 weeks, so many thoughts rushed to my head before i said yes. They dreaded thought that i may actually be pregnant... The doctor told me she was booking me into the ultrasound, i was pregnant, i had such mixed feeling i was happy and excited at one end but the other i was annoyed at myself and hurt that it happened over a one night stand. After 9 months of being sick and emotions but i was amazingly happy i gave birth to a beautiful 7oz baby girl called Olivia, Olivia Mae smith.

When Olivia became 3 Jessica started a job as a choreographer for street dance, a small crew called Prestige hired her to choreograph a couple of dance routines for a competition  which could get them to the big time, make Jess an even more famous choreographer to make Olivia's life better, The prize for the winner is a contract for the choreographer and the dance group gets to dance with the best boy street dance group called Riot. Olivia has started Nursery 4 times a week 12-5 so it gives Jess some time with Prestige to choreograph some dances. Jess picks Olivia up and then makes her way home, Olivia tells Jess all about her day, after they get home Olivia goes straight for her jigsaw her mum bought her 2 weeks ago she looks like shes starting to build up a character, its a girl, a lady, she has Blond hair with a brown fringe, she has Big brown eyes, after i leave her i go to the bathroom to run the bath for us, i look in the mirror i have blond hair and a brown fringe, i have big brown eyes, this began to worry me, i went back to Olivia i looked at the jigsaw and wondered what was on the other side of that jigsaw, that was my only thought not why is my face on there, who was on the other side of that jigsaw, it was time to jump in the bath, Olivia loves it, she loves having a bath to wash her hair her Blond curly locks.

Jess Jumped up and shouted PRESTIGE! they all suddenly jumped up shouting what?! what?! Riots outside! everyone was getting so excited, so i ran downstairs and opened the door, Hey how can i help you i said to Riot leader, He said in a deep voice 'Hey you prestige?' i explained how i was there choreographer and let them in to meet prestige. The said that even though the competition isn't over and they haven't won yet they'd like to do a mix routine and me choreographer. This was a big thing for me and Prestige!. It took me 1 week to come up with there dance and it was the best dance ever. They decided to tell us and the end that there going to preform this on the next got 2 dance competition before the results come in. 

Riots leader Mason came over to me and thanked me for the choreography work on the dance and asked me out for a drink, obviously i agreed as i thought he was handsome and he won me over, i got a babysitter for Olivia but as we got home she started on her puzzle again and then the babysitter came, i told her i'd be back at 10 and Olivia goes to bed at 8. We went to an amzing restaurant and we didn't have to pay due to how famous he was, I explained to him about my daughters situation and what happened, he took it all in and explained to me how he would never do that to me. I took him home that night and we had a drink, then made love, it wasn't like the love that i made with Joseph, it made me feel something, something warm, family like.

At 3 o'clock in the morning i went down stairs for a glass of water and noticed Olivia had finished the jigsaw and i couldn't believe it.. Mason's face was the other half, it was like a family had been made by a jigsaw, the future had already been made, Mason was the one for me.

After 2 year of dating, Mason proposed to me, Olivia was now 5 and started primary school, she was happy and for e, i was married and on my way with my second child with someone who loved me and felt something for me.

I had a baby boy 8oz brown hair brown eyes, my family is PERFECT, my choreographer Carrier was going amazing and my family are..

                                                                                The End...

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