Chapter 43

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So we spent 4 hours at the mall, we came out with 5 bags, each and almost got kicked out of 3 different stores. Now that is how me and Lizz shop!

" Okay, now that is the last time I ever go shopping with you lot! " Molly yelled when we got in her car. Me and Lizz cracked up laughing.

" Oh ya know ya loved us. " I said sweetly and fluttered my eyelashes. She rolled her eyes at me and laughed.

" Yeah, yeah whatever Marie.. " She replied while pulling out of the parking lot of the mall.

" Okay M, so we bought you 2 new outfits. We are gonna choose one when we get there. Alrightie? " Lizz said seriously. Since when is she serious 'bout this kinda stuff?!

" Um.. alright then. " I mumbled as we drove down the road.

I looked out the window while Lizz and Molly chatted up in the front of the car. I was just in my own little world. I felt.. nervous. Nervous about actually going on a date with Liam. It's been almost 2 years since I have seen him, talked to him or have had anything to do with him and I'm going on a date. Yeah, I'm freaking out!! What if things go wrong? Like he doesn't like me anymore? Or doesn't find me interesting and thinks I'm just a wreck of a person? What if he --

" Marie! For God's sake answer me! " My head snapped up.

" What? " I asked confused.

" Get outta La-La land and get outta the car. We gotta make you look hot. " Lizz yelled, getting out of the car. I groaned and got out. I looked and saw that the boys were still here. Geez, do they not like their houses? Molly opened the door and we filed in.

" We're home boys! " She yelled.

" Did you bring us food?! " Niall ran up to Lizz.

" Unless you like polyester? " She replied with a smirk. He groaned and walked back into the living room. I chuckled at his childish reaction. We dropped the bags on the kitchen floor and Lizz and Molly rummaged through the fridge and cabinets.

" Ughh.. I'm so hungry. I think my stomach's eating its self. " I complained and sat at the island, putting my head on the counter. I heard a chuckle behind.

" Well we can't have that, now can we? " They said then started rubbing my shoulders. Woah.

" Well too late. I'm slowly dying. " I replied and turned around to face brown eyes. I immediately smiled.

" Then who am I supposed to take out tonight? " He questioned with a smile.

" I'll go! " Lizz replied, popping her head out of the fridge. I shot her a glare. " What? Free food, I'll take it. " She said as she popped a grape in her mouth.

" Wow, no wonder why you and Niall are dating.. " I grumbled and got up to find me some food. Molly laughed. " What time is it? " I questioned as I ate and apple.

" Um.. about 4:26. " Liam said checking his watch.

" WHAT!?! " Lizz and Molly squealed. I jumped at their response.

" Everybody out!! " Lizz yelled.

" Why? " The boys in the living room yelled.

" We have to make Marie hot for her date tonight! " Molly yelled back. My face immediately blushed. I looked over to Liam and he had a cheeky grin on his face. I rolled my eyes.

" You too Mr. Payne. " Lizz said sternly. He threw his hands up in surrender.

" Alright, alright. I'm going. " He then walked over to me and kissed my cheek. " See you at 6. " He said with a wink, I bit my lip and nodded. This boy's gonna kill me..

Once all the boys left, the girls drug to my room.

" Okay, let's get started! " Molly exclaimed, I groaned. Yay me..

-- 1 hour & a half later --

" All done! " Lizz said with a huge smile on her face. I was so exhausted, and all I did was sit here!

" Alright love, you can look now. " Molly said, beaming.

I turned at looked in my full length mirror. Once my eyes met the reflection, I froze. This.. this is me?..

I was wearing a a strapless turquoise dress. It was layered and had a big black bow at the bust line. It ended about mid-thigh. I was wearing a pair of black flats and my hair was in huge ringlets that went down my back. My bangs were braided and then pulled off to the side. I was wearing some silver bangles and a matching necklace. To some it may not sound like much, but for me, coming from a run-down small town. This was amazing. I felt so.. so, beautiful. I smiled so big. I turned to Lizz, she was almost in tears.

" My- my lil' girl is growin' up! " She cried out and hugged me. I rolled my eyes.

" Calm your lil' butt down Lizz. You freak out way too much. " I giggled as she released me.

" Yeah, yeah whatever M. " She huffed and I turned to Molly.

" Thanks Molly. " I smiled and hugged her too.

" No problem love. " She said as I let go. Just then the door bell rang.

" Looks like it's time to party. " I smiled. I started to walk out but they stopped me.

" Wait. You wait here and then come out ina few minutes. We need to surprise him. " Lizz said excitedly. I sighed and nodded. They ran out and I just kept looking in the mirror. I hope he likes me still.. What if he thinks it's too much? And it's not me anymore. What if --

" Marie! You can come out now. " Molly yelled. I exhaled and grabbed my silver clutch. Here goes nothing. I then walked down the hall. I heard them in a mid-conversation when I looked up to see Liam, his eyes wide and mouth open. I giggled.

" Better close up, might start droolin' there Li. " I joked and he shook his head and blushed. The girls just laughed.

" Um, you... you looks beautiful Marie. " He said, still stunned. I put my hand on my hip and glared at him. He looked scared.

" Now what did I say about calling me Marie.. " I said sternly, he slowly smiled again.

" Right, sorry.. M. " I smiled.

" Okay kiddies. Go have fun! " Lizz exclaimed and pushed us out the door.

" Just not too much fun. " Molly winked.

" Oh my gosh.. " I muttered as we walked out. Liam just laughed and they shut the door. We got in his car and he started it up.

" So, where we goin'? " I asked, curiously. He turned to me and smiled.

" Now that, is a secret. " He winked and I groaned.

This could either be good.. or bad. Better be good, 'cause I have way too much hairspray in to go on a terrible date..


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