"While you were gone, all of the fans I talked to asked about you.  They were really worried about you." Niall says as we walk down the hall to our hotel room.

"Yea.  We got like thirty get well soon cards for you." Zayn says and opens up the door.

"Harry!" a fan screams from down the hall.  I look over my shoulder, wave then walk into the hotel room.

"So, how've you been feeling?" Liam asks looking over at me concerned.

"A bit better." Harry say and he nods.

"Do you still have any bruises?" Liam asks.  I still can't believe Harry just took off like that.  In no way was that safe or reasonable.  He literally just left us!  Am I the only one who's pissed about this?

"Yea." Harry says and sits on the bed.

"Did you go to the doctor?" Niall asks while looking through his cell phone.

"Yea, I did.  The doctor said take it easy and use ice packs a lot." Harry explains and grabs the remote to the TV.

"Have you yet?" Liam asks.

"No." Harry answers and searches through channels.

"Alright." Liam says and walks over to the ice bin.  I watch him as he gets five ice packs ready.  I want to break down in tears and hug Harry and yell at Harry at the same time.  It's not hard to tell that Liam feels bad for treating Harry poorly.  He treats him like a baby the rest of the evening.  It reminds me of the time we were on iCarly.  Gosh, that was fun.


Later that night, Louis and I finally got some time to be alone and talk.  We were sitting in the conference room where we had lunch.

"So, how does it feel?" Louis asks gesturing to my leg.

"Alright.  Kinda hurts sometimes." I explain and he nods.  "Wanna sign it?" "Yes!" Louis says with a big smile.  I can tell he's been waiting for me to ask that.  He runs up to a desk near the door and comes back with a marker.  He bends down and scribbles something on my blue cast. "What are you writing?" I ask as I try to see around him.

"There." he says and stands up.  I look down and see that he wrote, "GET WELL NOW -LOUIS".  I laugh a little then lean back.  "Why didn't you tell me?" Louis says sounding upset.

"About my stepdad?" I ask and cross my arms.

"Yea.  Why didn't you tell me?  You know, you can trust me!" he yells and stands up seeming angry.  "And-and then you runaway!  Why did you do that, Harry?  Do you know how upset I was without you?" he yells and pulls his hands through his hair.

"Louis, I'm sorry.  I messed up and I-," I start but Louis interupts me.

"It was the worst few days of my life, Harry!  You could've been dead for all I knew!  For a while, I was convinced that you were hurt o-or dead or something!  I was so worried I didn't eat and barely slept!  And the text messages!  Look!  Look!" Louis says pulling out his phone. "I sent you one hundred and forty texts and ninety six calls!  You didn't answer one of them!  I thought I was your best friend!  I thought you were my best friends."

"What?" I ask sitting up.  "Lou, you are my best friend.  And I'm your best friend too...right?"

"Not anymore." Louis says and storms out of the conference room.  I feel like such a whimp as I grab my crutches and try to catch up with Louis.  By the time I'm to the elevator, he's probably already in the hotel room planning to lock me out or something.  When I get up to our hotel room, I knock on the door.


I storm into the hotel room with clenched fists.  I'm angry at two people right now.  Myself and Harry.  Myself because I slightly over exhadurated about Harry running off.  Harry because I'm angry at him for running off.  There's a knock on the door.  I know it's him.

"What's going on?" Zayn asks as I pace back and forth.  My thoughts are racing so much that I can't seem to answer Zayn's question.

"Lewi?" Niall says sitting up from the bed.  "Someone's at the door." "Don't answer it!" I yell and press myself against it.

"Lou!" I hear Harry call from the other side.  Liam's face turns furious when he realizes that I'm locking Harry out.

"Louis Tomlinson, let him in right now!" Liam yells standing up from the couch.

"No!  He ran off from us!  He doesn't want to be here!  This is what he wants!" I yell and Liam pushes me out of the way of the door.  He swings it open to reveal Harry who looks upset and a bit confused too.

"Fine.  If he gets locked out, then so do I." Liam says then slams the door shut.

"Wait.  You and Harry are fighting?" Niall asks and I lean up against the door.

"Yes.  And if you don't agree with me, then you can leave too." I mutter and Niall and Zayn look at each other.

"You're angry at him because he left, right?" Zayn asks.

"And because he didn't tell us about his stepdad and because he had us all worried sick and because he never answered anyones texts or phone calls!" I yell and Zayn nods.

"I see." he says then stands up from the bed and storms out of the room.  I look over to Niall.

"Are you gonna leave too?" I ask and he shakes his head.

"Nahh, man.  I got your back." even those four short words fill me with relief.  I lock the door then fall onto the big, fluffy bed.


I storm out into the hall and run up to Harry and Liam.

"You're joining us?" Liam asks and I nod once I come up to them.

"Louis is being immature about all of this.  Which is funny because he's the eldest." I say and Liam laughs a little.  I can tell he sees himself as being the oldest and Louis being the youngest.  Yet again, I think we all see it like that.

"Where are we going?" Harry asks.  Everytime he talks he sounds like a little kid.  It fits his cheeky and young personailty well.

"We're going to go talk to Simon about getting another hotel room." Liam answers.  Thankfully, Simon's room is just down the hall from ours so Harry doesn't have to walk that far.  Once we get to Simon's door, Liam knocks.

"Yes?" Simon says when he opens the door.

"Can we please have another room?" Liam asks and Simon looks at us funny then laughs a little.

"Why?" he asks.  Simon doesn't necessarily seem like he's willing to get us another room.

"Louis is being a dick." Liam says simply and Simon laughs then shakes his head.  I'm almost surprised that he's not freaking out right now and forcing us to forgive Louis.  He usually would.

"Okay.  Boys, have you seen the crowd down in the lobby?" Simon asks and we all nod.  "All those girls don't sleep on the streets or in their car.  They sleep in a hotel room.  Now go count each of those girls then count the hotel rooms.  Let me know if there's room."

"You're saying they're booked?" Liam asks and Simon nods.

"Oh..." Harry says sounding timid.  We all stand there like idiots.

"Good night, boys." Simon says and closes the door.  I look over at Harry and Liam.

"Well, we could sleep in our van.  It's big enough for all of us to sleep in." Harry says looking at Liam.  That's not a bad idea.  We've slept in it during car rides.  Why can't we sleep in it now?

"Alright." Liam says. "Harry, do you have the keys?" Harry reaches into his pocket and digs around.  His hand comes out with the keys and he hands them to Liam.  "Brilliant.  Let's go."

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