I walked across the street with my mum, Harry, and my dad, who had got home from work. I barely saw him during the day, but it wasn't like he didn't want to spend time with me. He just worked really hard. But whenever he had free time, he would take me to a super fancy restaurant or buy me something I really wanted so that I didn't feel bad, but I wouldn't care if he took me out for cheap ice cream and we sat at the curb. I just liked spending time with him.

We entered their house and was welcomed buy country music and vanilla-sented air. Pretty good first-impression, in my mind. A lady looking around moms age entered the room, holding a plate of appetizers and a bright smile on her face.

"Hello!" She called, a cheery smile on her face as she set the place down. 

"Nice to meet you!" She said. "I'm Karen. So glad you guys could make it over here"

Everyone introduced each other, including her husband who walked in, and when I greeted the woman, she commented, "Wow, what a beautiful daughter you have," And I couldn't help but blush. But it was really awkward. Harry coughed next to me, and I punched his arm.

Then, a young guy with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin who looked my age came down the stairs. He was looking down, but his head snapped up and he stared at me when he noticed me. 

"Oh, this is our son, Mike," Karen said. 

"Hi, I'm Courtney," I said, waving slightly. 

He nodded, smiled, and said, "Hi." 

"Mike, why don't you lead Harry and Courtney outside?" Karen suggusted.

"Sure," Mike muttered. I trailed behind Mike and Harry, walking a step behind them. I could already tell Mike noticed this and did not like it.

"Oh, and introduce yourselves to our daughter, Lindsey," Karen called back, and Harry's face popped up. I sighed. Of course he would just be interested in a sister.

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