After Louis had called Simon that day, the media stopped publishing the pictures and started printing out new magazines stating all the things that were true. Louis and I even got a whole 4 pages of our relationship, promise ring and all.

That was 4 months ago. Which means that it's summer vacation and Louis and I have been dating for 5 months. We decided to rent an apartment together just a few miles from the school. So in the fall it's a quick walk and were far away from Maddie as possible. Niall, Liam, and Zayn moved into an apartment together too, which it is really just a few blocks away. Harry and Katie live in the apartment downstairs.

My birthday is in a couple of days too and Louis said he had a big surprise planner. I've been trying and trying and trying to get a hint out of him but all he keeps saying is 'big'. I even tried to get Niall to spill but he won't budge either. So I just gave up.

"Babe your zoning off again." Louis whispered in my ear. We were cuddling out on the balcony, I was sitting between his legs and his arms were wrapped around me. It was beautiful out for only being 9 in the morning. I don't know why I'm up this early on a saturday anyway. "Sorry I was just thinking. What were we talking about?" I asked. "I was asking you where you've always wanted to go."

I wrapped his arms tighter around me and rested my head against his chest as I thought. "I don't know. I've always wanted to go to Fiji. But I'd also like to go to Italy. Maybe even Spain. Why are you asking?" I asked curiously. He shrugged and left soft kisses on the top of my head. "Maybe well to there one day. If your lucky maybe all 3." I smiled and kissed his hand. "Where do you want to go?"

"Anywhere as long as I'm with you." He said happily. I giggled at his cheesieness. "That was really cheesy babe." I chuckled. He laughed and tightened his arms around me. "Sometimes the truth is cheesy." I looked up at him and kissed him. His phone started to vibrate and he answered.

"Hello?...Hey the party is going to be in a couple of can make it!?...yay!! Thank you so much Simon...Harry and Katie are out buying a new cat for their apartment...yeah I know right," He looked down and me and stuck his tongue out. I giggled and curled into his chest. "...Okay Simon...well I'll see you then...yupp...bye." He ended the call and looked down at me. "Your birthday is going to be amazing."

I smiled up at the cute boy and gave him a light peck on his always-smiling lips. There was something about him that made my day 30 times better when he talked or smiled. He had that affect on me, making me weak at the knees with just one look. I don't mind it at all either.

*at birthday party*

The apartment was filled. All the boys and Katie, Ally and Cody, and other friends from school were here. Harry bought liquor with him so some people were hammered all ready. Louis wasn't drinking though which is good.

I was getting tired and Louis knew that. So he stopped the music and stood up on the coffee table. "Can I have everyone's attention please!!" The 50+ guests all looked at me as Niall pushed me up to Louis. He smiled down at me and took my hand in his. I could feel my cheeks heat up as he pulled me up with him.  "As some of you know I've been planning a big surprise for Paige here and I figured since the party is about to end I'd give it to her now." I smiled up at him and he hopped off the table and stood infront of me.

"Louis what are you doing?" I giggled as smiled and took both of my bands in his. "Giving you your surprise." He smiled again. I blushed more as he looked me in the eyes. His mouth was wide with a smile.

"Paige. You know it's been an amazing 9 months with you. You make me so, so happy, I couldn't ask for anyone better. I remember when we first met you told me you absolutely hated celebrities. And I eventually changed your mind," He chuckled as did a couple of guests, even I let out a giggle. "Anyway. I asked you what you saw in the future when I gave you the promise ring and you said me and a little boy running around the house. So here I am, telling you that I promise to give you that future.." 

 He got down on one knee and took out a little box. Gasps escaped everyones mouth including mine. "Louis..." I whispered. Tears were pricking the bottom of my eye. He opened the little blue box and a shiny 24 karrot gold ring with three diamonds alined in the middle twinkled under the lights.

"Will you marry me?"

I looked down at the ring and back at Louis. I looked around at everyone, I saw Katie crying into Harry's shoulder and Niall leaning his head on Zayn's shoulder. I looked back down to Louis' blue -grey eyes. They were twinkling and he had a huge smile plastered on his face. He was perfect and he's going to be mine. Forever and always.

I smiled and nodded my head, a small tear dropping down my cheek. I wipped away with the cuff of my sleeve. "Yes Lou. I'll marry you." He sliped the ring onto my finger and imedieatlely encircled me into a huge hug, smothering my lips with tender and romantic kisses. When he put me down, I turned around and ran right for Katie. I gave her a big hug as the boys came and hugged me aswell.

"Now, is it my turn?" A familiar voice boomed. I turned around to see Simon standing there with his arms wide open. "Of course!" I shouted, jumping into his arms. He hugged me tight and gave my cheek a friendly kiss, giving Louis a handshake after. "I'm very happy that you went through with this Louis. I always knew that you'd be the first one to settle down with a special someone." He said looking at me. Louis smiled, as did I, and pulled me into his side. "I'm glad I did it too. Thank you for helping keep it a secret though that was the hard part." Louis said. Simon shrugged his holder and patted his arm. "Anything for my boys! Well i'm going to go mingle. I'll see you guys later! By boys!, Katie and Paige." A with a nod of his head he was gone.

I turned to Louis and smiled, "Should the party begin?"

After the party, I sat down on the balcony and called my mom. Louis was finishing picking up the rest of the party trash. "Paige?" my moms voice rang. "Hi mom! I have really good news." I gushed. She gasped and I could hear the faint sound of her clapping her hands. "What is it dear?" I looked down at my ring finger and smiled. "Mom I'm engaged!" I heard the phone drop followed by a joyful scream.  "Oh Paige! This is amazing! You have to tell me all about the proposal! Or better yet, why don't you and Louis come visit! We can have a whole party for you two and your friends can come. Oh! We'll have it in the back yard!" I laughed at her excitment.

"Mom that sounds like an amazing plan. I'll talk to Louis and look at our schedule. But I wanted to tell you this, I couldn't wait!" I rushed. I could hear her squeal again and her hands clap. "Yes hon i'm so happy you did. Call me as soon as you can though because I want to see you two very soon." "Okay mom I promise." Louis arms wrapped around my waist and his . "Mom I have to go I'll call you later okay?" "Okay hun. Goodbye, love you." "Love you too!" and with that I hung up the phone and looked up at him.

"Hi." I giggled he smiled and picked me up bridal style, carrying me to our bed. "Did you have a good birthday?" He asked. I nodded and nuzzlee my head into his chest. I felt his shoulders shake as he let out a low chuckle. "Good I'm glad." I started to drift off into a sleepy state. "Louis I love you." I mumbled. I felt the comforter lift and my limp legs slip under. The bed shifted as slightly as Louis went left the bed. The closet doors opened and he rummaged through the droawers of the dresser. Shortly after,  my jeans and shirt were pulled off as he put one of his shirts over me. "Thanks babe." I mumbled again. "Your welcome. And I love you too." He whispered in my ear as he left a small kiss in it's place. I smiled and nuzzled my head back into his chest. "Sleep tight princess." Were the last words I heard before I fell into a deep sleep.


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