Maddie: Chapter 3

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I sat there for a moment and took in Piper's story.

“Maddie, what’s the real reason you’re here?” She asked once I didn’t say anything.

“I-I told you. I just wanted to get out a little.” I lied again.

She sighed and looked at her nails and then back at me. “Maddie-“

I told you.” I snapped.

Piper froze and Jake widened his eyes. I didn’t mean to be so snippy with her. I just didn’t like talking about my past.

“I’m sorry.” I breathed out. “I’ll… I’ll be back.” I stood up, pushed my chair in and walked to the exit. I needed some fresh air.

The door clicked shut behind me and the sound of the city filled the air. I breathed in deeply and sat on the metal bench, burying my face in my hands, letting out a sob.

“Are you okay?” A deep husky voice asked.

I jolted up right, startled and wiped at my eyes. “I’m fine.” I said meeting a pair of green eyes.

“Go ahead and get a seat.” He said to the boy standing with him who had blonde hair. The blonde boy nodded and walked inside.

I couldn’t help but feel like I knew them from somewhere. They looked so familiar. But I couldn’t place the,.

“You didn’t look fine.” He walked over and sat next to me. I scooted over by instinct. He studied me ad said, “I’m sorry. I’m not going to do anything.”

I bit my lip. “I know.” And I did know. I could tell by the way he asked if I was alright he woasn’t there to do anything. The look in his eyes told me he cared.

“I’m Harry.” He said, shaking his curly brown hair out and running his fingers through it and then meeting my eyes again.

It was so familiar. I shivered at it. I knew it from somewhere. Everything. The name even rang a bell. But why couldn’t I place it?

“I’m Maddie.” I said.

He smiled. “Are you sure your okay, Maddie?”

I nodded, wiping at my eyes and trying plastering on an assuring smile. “Yeah.”

“Harry, you coming?” They boy with blonde hair popped his head from the door.

“Yeah, give me a minute.” Harry said and turned back to me. “Look, I’d like to hang out with you. Like not as a date. Just as friends. Would you like that?”

I don’t why, maybe I was demented or my body has been consumed by some ghost but I said, “Sure, that sounds good.”

“Well, my friend,” He nodded to where Niall has disappeared, “And I are going out to eat tomorrow. He might be bringing a friend with him too. Would you like to come?”

I nodded. “Sure.”

He smiled a full smile, dimples on both cheeks showing like before. “I’ll pick you up…?”

“No!” I practically yelled. He looked shocked and I quickly tried to recover myself. “I mean, no. I’ll meet you there. Where is it?”

He wrote the address on a piece of paper he had in his pocket along with his number and first name and handed it over to me.

“Better not be expensive.” I laughed.

He just laughed. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Maddie. Seven o’clock?”

“Mate! I’m starving!” The blonde boy’s head popped back out.

“You’re always hungry!” Harry groaned.

“Seven.” I repeated, looking into his green eyes.

With one more smile he got up and joined his friend.

I sat on the bench for a minute, flipping the piece of paper in my hand before getting up and heading back to Piper and Jake.

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