11.Surprises,good times,and bad news.

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It was the most beautiful,cheeky, friendly smile i had ever seen. It was Nialls. What was he doing in London.. what was he doing in my music class? I  kept questioning myself,trying to figure out what a possible reason could be for Niall being back in London so soon after the tour just started. I stood there for what felt like forever,just gazing into his ocean eyes.

" Hi" Was Nialls simple response to me staring at him. He giggled a bit as I stood there and waved my hand at him like a dumby.I was so shocked i couldnt even talk. He laughed at me some more as he approached me, opening his arms for a hug. I snapped out of my daze and crashed into his chest, wrappping my arms around his neck.

" What are you doing here?" I asked as i breathed in his mesmorizing scent. I parted from his hug staring up at him waiting for his answer.

" I had a few days off from the tour,and i thought id come back to visit some friends instead of staying in California." He said as a smile crept back on his face. I stood there infront on Niall smiling uncontrollably. I was so overjoyed to know that Niall considered me a close enough friend to find me today,and even show up at my music class. 

My thoughts were inturupted when Lydia cleared her throat,pointing at the group of kids waiting patiently for music class to start. I nodded and grabbed my guitar,putting the strap around my shoulder.

" Would you like to stay for music class Niall?" I asked at I took a seat infront of the large group of children. He nodded yes as he sat down within the group of children and giggled at me. I smiled back at Niall as Lydia gave all the children their instuments,and an extra guitar to Niall.

I proceeded with music class as i normally would,letting all the children tune their instruments and letting them pick a specific song they would all like to learn. Today the children agreed to play one of  my favortite songs, Wish you were here by Pink Floyd. It was a a difficult song to play,but luckily i already knew how to play it,so i quickly taught Lydia and we began to make our way around the room teaching the children step by step. 

Once Lydia and I had made our way around the room to all the children,i approched Niall. He giggled as i tried to teach him how to play the song. At first he did horribly. I had been laughin at him the whole time as he struggled to pick the first verse. I found it quite strange after i thought about it. Niall had played the guitar with a lot of skill at my house least month,and now he was having difficulty picking a few strings.. or was he.

After a few mintues Niall finally dropped his stupid act,and played the first verse perfectly. I shook my head and giggled once i realized he was,indeed, faking the whole time. I got up off the floor and walked back to my chair taking a seat beside Lydia. 

" Okay guys! Lets try it all together now!" I said as everyone picked up their guitars and began to pick the strings. At first it was difficult to hear the song,but eventually everyone began to play in sync with eachother and it sounded beautiful. 

Once the kids finished the first verse i was about to stop the children and show them the strum pattern,when i heard someome continue to play,and sing along. I scanned  the group of kids and found all of them staring in Nialls direction,bobbing their heads along to the tune of the song.

Niall was playing effortlessly while singing along with the song. Eventually all the kids joined in singing along to the old song. I wasnt at all surprised to find out that they all knew the song. This particular group of children loved the old songs and bands, like Aerosmith, Rollingstones,and U2. I loved to teach these kids,and see the amount of appriciation they had for music.

On the final line of the song Lydia and I both joined in with the group singing.

' Running over the same old ground

What have we found?

The same old fears

Wish you were here!'

It was amazing. All the kids were smiling and laughing,all because of music. Music was the one thing that kept me sane,and seeing that these kids share the same bond with music as me gives me hope.

After a few more songs being played by Niall,and everyone singing along it was time for all the kids to head home. All their parents came to get them and Lydia left to go do a night shift at the bakery. Niall and I were left in the music room to clean up all the instruments.

" Im really glad you came, I think the kids really enjoyed having you around" I said as Niall and  I finshed putting away the last few guitars.He simply nodded and grinned while grabbing my bag off the near by table. " What are you doing?" I questioned as he walked towards the door.

He stopped  at the door and held out his hand for me to grab. I slowly walked towards him grabbing  his hand and shutting off the lights in the music room. Niall led me out of the church where i held music class,and led me down the road. After 10 mintues of pestering him to tell me where we were going i shut up. He wasnt talking much ,we jsut walked in silence.

Once we finished walking we were infront of Starbucks, the same strabucks that i ran into Niall at,and fell in the puddle. Niall opened the door and lead me in. The café was almost empty except for a couple that was sitting far back at a table.  I took a seat as Niall put my bag on the table infront of me and ordered some drinks. 

He brought me back a hot chocolate and i smiled, wondering if he knew how much i loved hot chocolate or if it was just a lucky guess. I pushed the thought out of my head when i saw the look on Nialls face. Since music lessons ended,Niall hadnt been acting like himself. He seemed to be distracted by something.

" Are you okay Niall?" I asked as I sipped on my hot chocalte. He nodded his head slightly and tried to smile,but failed. I rolled my eyes at him and laughed at how bad he was at hiding his mood.          " Niall,your a horrid liar! Now,whats on your mind?" I said as i rested my hand on the table infront of his.

He glanced down at my hand before picking it up and looking deep into my eyes. I suddenly got nervous about how Niall was acting. He rubbed his thumb lightly over the top of my hand as he took a deep,unsettling breath before beginging to talk.

" Theres been a few new locations added to the tour" He began and i nodded still confused as to why he was so worried. " Well,acutally a lot of new locations,which mean the tour is a little bit longer and im going to be a lot more busy" He contiuned and i began to understand why he was so upset.

" How much longer Niall?" I questioned, eager to find out what he was hidding. We sat there in complete silence just straring into eachothers eyes as i waited for an answer. Niall took in another deep breath as he  looked away from me,staring down at our hands. He removed his hands from mine and rubbed them through his hair,making me even more worried. I took my hand and put it under his chin,raising his head so that he was again looking at me. " how long?" I asked again and he finally answered.

" Another 2 months Lex'' 


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