Chapter 22

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Anne POV

I woke up on the couch Sam wasnt in the living room any more. I looked around it looked kinda late. I looked at the clock it was 8 o'clock. Wow I could of slept the whole night away. I looked in the kitchen Sam wasnt there. I went to go check on the kids they were sound asleep. I closed the door quietly. I opened out door. Sam didnt see me come in he was busy staring at the tv. I ran and jumped on him.

"Babe what are you doing?"

"I really don't know."

Sam started to laugh at me. Then something poped in my head.

"Sam we need to find a song for our first dance."

"Oh yea we do. Have you thought of any songs?"

"Yea I got one in mind, I like it though. If i can find my laptop I will show it to you."

Sam leaned off the bed he grabbed my laptop and gave it to me. I opened it. It was already on so I went on the Internet and went on Youtube. I typed in 'Marry Me' by Train. I played the song so Sam can here it.

(Video on Side ------->)

The video ended. I really had liked this song.

"So Sam what did you think?"

"I like it, I dont mind dancing to that song."

"Good I was...."

I was interrupted by a glass braking sound. I heard the twins start crying. Me and Sam got up and ran to there bedroom. The window was broken. I looked at the twins I didnt see Diana. I heard screaming and yelling I ran downstairs. I saw Jason holding Diana and she was crying and Sam and Jason was yelling.

"What the hell are you doing with my baby?"

"This is my baby to damn it. I have the right to see my kids."

"Ok you could of called instead of brake into my house and take my kid. Hell Im surprised you didnt take your son too. Jason now please give me back my baby."

"No, but under one condition."

"What is it?"

"I get to have my way with you for one night."

Sam came in front of me.

"Hell no. Thats not going to happen, now give her back the kid." Sam yelled at Jason.

"But this is my got damn child."

"I dont give a damn. I am now taking care of them. You didnt even care about her or the kids."

"Jason give me back my child."

"Only if you take my deal,"

I started crying. "Fine I'll take your deal."

"Fine he is your child I will see you tomorrow at 7."

I saw Sam get Diana and go upstairs. I dropped to the floor and started crying. What have I just done? I cant believe I just did that. But I only did that cause I didnt want Diana hurt. I felt Sam pick me up and carry me upstairs. Sam sat on the bed and put me on his lap.

"Im sorry Sam, Im sorry, Im sorry." I sobbed in his chest.

"Sweetie I understand what you are doing but, I really dont want him touching you Anne"

"I know Sam but I only did cause I didnt want Diana to get hurt."

"Sweetie come on lets get the twins so we can go to sleep."

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