Chapter 1

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My name's Taylor, no nickname. In grade 11, 16 years old. My family consists of mom, dad and my older sister Alex. Alex is just a year older, i remember when i was younger she always told me that after mom & dad had her, they couldnt wait to have another kid, so there i was a year after my sister. We both shared alot of similar looks, both semi straight long dirty blond hair, but i have more brown highlights while she had more blond. Our hair is blond but we have darker eyebrows and scattered freckles across our cheekbones. Olive skin, which we get from our dad's european backround. We both do alot of excericise, we followed a strict fitness plan and diet. The major difference is our eye colour, i have green eyes, but alex had one light hazel brown and one blue eye.

We are a pretty close knit family, spend sundays as 'family time', eat all our meals together. We live in toronto. Close to downtown, thats where we spend most of our time. Our house is very modern, due to the fact our dad is a succesful contractor, and mom has her own design company. Together making the perfect team, unlike alot of families today, our parents are very far from separation. High School sweethearts. Giving alex and i hoped to one day find love as true as theirs, as cheesy as that sounds. We've both had our share of good and bad relationships, and through that we help each other get through everything.

My sister and i shared the third floor of the house together, our rooms were separated, but we shared a conjoined bathroom. Our rooms had posters of all the bands we listened too, discovering new bands and going to small concerts. Our mother hated just taped posters onthe wall, so eventually put them in modern frames. We loved our rooms so much! We had our own unique styles and we shared almost all our clothes.

Jack and i were cuddling under the covers, eventually going to move on to more... When the house phone rang. I remember groaning and going to pick it up. Seriously, this was really interuppting my time with my boyfriend. Thinking back now, i feel so guilty for that thought, because that phone call changed everything.

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