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The circular platform continued to rapidly descend into Domescus for several minutes. Kalibur’s excitement slowly turned to apprehension. It was understandable that the Domescan army would need to make the location secret so no one could get in, but it was as if they didn’t want anyone to get out either. He almost didn’t want to know what he needed to do anymore, but he was sure it was completely necessary.

The circular ground descended for about five minutes and finally hit an end. A metallic hall opened up in front of them, and three humans stood there in strange, black armour. It was completely different from the camouflage that the marines wore. This armour appeared to be a metal instead of the bulletproof thread that the other infantry had. None of the humans said a word, but the one closest to them raised his hand, apparently telling them to stop. Kalibur didn’t move a muscle. These people weren’t carrying any weapons, but a rather threatening energy emanated from them. The humans were looking from person to person. Every time one looked at Kalibur it would send a shiver down his spine.

Finally, a female horse stepped into the hallway beyond the humans. She made her way in front of them and flashed them a thumbs-up. They simultaneously moved out of their positions in front of the ‘elevator’ and left through a door on the adjacent wall. The horse turned and faced the silent group.

“The rooms in this hall are where you will be staying.” She explained, “One person per, unlike the megastus.” She pointed out a rectangular sign that was on each door. “The last two digits of the ID, the one you were given on the jet, is also your room number. The hallway is always open to you, although access through the door on the end is restricted unless authorized. Believe me, at some point you will all be authorized, some of you very soon.” She turned around and left them through the restricted door. Kalibur exhaled, this place was tense. Several moved to get to their rooms. Kalibur tried to remember his ID. He consciously remembered the jet being five days ago, but apparently the cryo-chambers didn’t slow down forgetfulness. A flashback showed him a card that read TS-06.

Kalibur searched for his designated door, found it, and entered. The room wasn’t big at all. In fact, it reminded Kalibur of his college dorm room minus the roommate. He closed the door behind him and lazily fell down on the bed. Kalibur began to wonder what use he was going to do down here. Kalibur had never expected to be however many miles beneath the surface as he currently was, unless he went on some sort of spelunking mission of course. His thoughts continued to travel, and he lost track of the time until he heard a knock on his door. He pushed himself up.

“Come in!”

The horse opened the door. “The Brigadier would like to speak with you first.”

“You mean Amour?” Kalibur asked.

“Did someone else invite you on this? We should go now.” She impatiently told him. Kalibur slid off his bed and followed her through the restricted door. Behind the door was… another hallway.

“The door on the end is the one you are required in. Please hurry.” She told him. Kalibur jogged the short distance of the hallway to the silver door. He had been waiting for this moment, what lie behind this door may just be his destiny. Kalibur put his blue paw on the knob and gently turned it. He opened it to reveal a dimly-lit room. In it was a desk, and what was sitting at that desk was little more than a memory to Kalibur.

Amour looked up at him.

“Hello. Sit down please.” He said to Kalibur. Kalibur noticed a wooden chair in front of the desk, he did as he was told.

“I am to understand that you have no clue why you are on Domescus, is that right?” The grizzly asked him.

“I have no clue, are you going to fill me in?” Kalibur said, hoping for a response. Amour seemed to have held the military attitude since they last spoke, and Kalibur received no immediate response.

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