Ahslyn threw the keys On the counter, and my mom walked in with a bright smile on her face.

"Hey girls! Did you guys have fun?" Ashlyn nodded, returning the smile, and sitting on the stool. I walked around to the fridge. That's when I heard my mom gasp from behind me.

I groaned internally, running my hands over my face before turning around.

"What mother?" I asked, with a dead pan look on my face, because I already knew the answer.

"Emmalee Sara Richardson! What do you have on?" This time I groaned loudly. Then smiled as I came up with a sarcastic comeback.

"Hmmm," I said, pretending to think. "Let's see here," I looked down at myself. "I think it's a strapless dress, but since you're asking I'm not really sure anymore." She looked at me BUG EYED, and I heard Ashlyn laugh and fall off of the stool behind us. We both looked at her, as she clutched her stomach from the ground.

I tried to fight the smile that was growing on my face, as my mother grew red in the face. I could seriously see the smoke coming from her ears.

I cleared my throat as Ashlyn stood up, walking over to us slowly.

"Mrs. Richardson, I'm sorry about the outfit. Me and Emma were trying to change her overall appearance and came out with sexy." I coughed, to hide the snicker, so my mother wouldn't know that Ashlyn was being funny.

She started to chew the inside of her mouth, looking over my outfit. "I don't think I want you being 'sexy'," she said, leaning on the counter with one hand. "but what I want you to do is go upstairs, take that ridiculous outfit off, and then put it in my closet." I looked at Ashlyn with a raised brow, causing her to shrug.

Then we both looked at my mom, confused as ever. "Why does it need to be in your closet?"

"Because you're too young for it, and I'm not!" She smiled, and I rolled my eyes, then groaned, as Ashlyn snickered again.

"Mom!" I whined, stomping my feet. "You're embarrassing me! Stop!"

"What?" She asked, and I gave her a look, making her huff like a teenaged girl. "Ugh. Fine! You can wear the dress."

"Thank you." I shot annoyed, and Ashlyn shook her head.

"Oh! That reminds me! Mrs. Richardson, Emma needs contacts." Ashlyn stated nonchalantly, and I looked at her shell shocked. Where the hell is this coming from?

"Why?" Asked my mom, and Ashlyn shrugged.

"She's trying out for cheer leading and she can't wear them. School rules. The glasses would be a MAJOR red flag, so yeah. They gots to go." My mom, stood there, confused at first, then she nodded.

"Okay, I'll... call the Optometrist and put in a prescription." I stared at her, so shocked, I felt like a fish out of water.

"You are?"

"You are?" We both chanted, and she nodded, with a hint of a smile.

"Yeah. I think it's high time, you got those anyways." Her mouth rose up into a smile, and I grinned like a kid on Christmas morning!

"Thank you mom!" I shouted before giving her the tightest hug EVER! I mean, this isn't a phone, but it's one step closer!

"Alright." She chuckled patting me. The house phone in the living room started to ring, breaking our moment. My mom started for the phone, and I turned to Ashlyn.

"WHAT was THAT all about?" I shrieked, and she laughed.

"I like your mom, Emma. She's funny."

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