Chapter 4: Car Ride! And Mephisto Tells Kokoro...

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***Kokoro’s POV***

“So… while you talk to that creep from yesterday, I have to set up my room dorm and get ready to leave again to meet a man the creep knows? How is this fair?” I questioned as I sat across from my mother in the long pink limo. Over the last 24 hours, I’ve learned more about myself then I ever thought I would in my entire life.

“I would watch how you word things about him. Mephisto takes the worsts of insults and somehow turns them into a joke. He was definitely less out there when we were still in touch before you were born.” My mom was currently looking out the window nearest to her and sighed sadly.

“Why did you stop talking to him?” I asked out of curiosity. She turned her head to me quickly and frowned more than before.

“I didn’t think he’d be able to handle the thought of me having a child.” She stated truthfully. I raised an eyebrow.

“Why would it matter to him? It’s not like I’m his daughter…” my mom quickly turned away to that and faced the window again.

Silence. Silence… And what do you know? More silence!

“No offense, but this guy has earned the nickname ‘Clown.’ What normal person, or at least someone trying to be normal, would ride around in a long limo…. A pink one at that?” I questioned tiredly, falling to my right, my head landing on Kobold, my Hobgoblin familiar.

“You’ll get used to it I’m sure. Maybe in a week or two.” My mom replied, glancing at me for a moment before looking out at the surrounding city once more.

“Mother… What was my father like?” I asked calmly. My mom stiffened and turned to me slowly, smiling as she saw Kobold under my head like a pillow.

“This is a bit out of the blue don’t you think?” she questioned. I stared at her.

“I’ve never asked before, so why not now?” I retorted quietly. She chuckled softly to this.

“You answer questions with more questions like he does. He was a gentleman, as well as a flirt. He liked to spoil himself… but when it came to others, not so much. He would protect me in a fight that had gotten out of hand at a moment’s notice. He was occasionally an odd-ball, but he knew when to stop. And finally, he was more of an observer than a fighter, but he would if he had to.” I smiled softly as she spoke, in awe at her words. My dad sounded interesting enough. Thankfully.

“How did you two meet? Was he interested in you at first or did you have to work to get his attention?” I asked, feeling myself become giddy. My mother laughed loudly and clapped her hands.

“First: I practically grew up with him. And second: He had to work to get my attention. At first I ignored him because he was annoying and had too much happiness. But after he told me who he was, I felt bad for treating him so rudely. So I told him that if he beat me in a game, I’d let him take me on the date he wanted. Boy, was I a fool… How was I supposed to know the son of Satan knew how to play chess? In fact, your father loved strategy games. He also liked claw machines. He could get anything out of those machines, whether it be the smallest or largest, on the top or bottom. He was quite the entertaining type, if you knew him well enough to know that he was only trying to get people to smile.” She told me, smiling at the memories. Suddenly, she pulled a necklace from around her neck and showed it to me.

“It’s pretty. Where’d you get it?” I asked, confused at the fact she might be changing a subject.

“Believe it or not, I got this from Amaimon. It was supposed to be some kind of Valentine’s Day gift. He gave it to me before I started dating your father. Amaimon had the cutest crush on me, but when he found out I was with his brother he got angry and did everything he could to break us apart. Finally, I put him in his place. And his place is as my ‘Annoying Practical Brother.’” She finished with another laugh as I gagged. Uncle Amaimon wanted my mother for himself. EWWW~!

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