Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

It was maybe another week or so before I had seen the boy, again. Days seemed much longer, now that I actually had something to look forward to. And, each time he would visit, the time we spent together was simply not long enough.

I craved for him. 

Even if he wasn’t the guy I had always imagined him to me, I still liked his company. And, although his personality was that or a crude and sarcastic person, he always somehow managed to make me smile. 

But, this time he visited, it was different. I guess I should have noticed when he stumbled- rather than strolled- through the door. Teen Dream had a mischievous aura, and it always surrounded the air around him. But, tonight, it was much darker than that. Almost black, even. And, if I had been perceptive, I might have noticed this. 

But, I wasn’t. I didn’t. And, it was my own fault what happened next. 

Having heard the sounds coming from the door being opened, I flung myself from my room. I didn’t bother with what I was wearing, or anything else for that matter. I let my excitement completely overtake me. 

A smile pained my cheeks, but I couldn’t for the life of me remove it. And, when I tripped and slid right in front of the door, it was still present. 

I looked up from my spot on the floor, first taking in his face. His usual golden hair was in a wild disarray, plastering itself to his sweaty face. My smile dimmed as I watched the boy before me panting, leaning heavily against the door frame. And, even though the light was almost nonexistent, I could still see the ragged mess his cloak was in. Then, the blood. 

“You’re bleeding!” I gasped, jumping up. He said nothing, just watched me as I pulled him away from the door frame, and into my room. Thankfully, he had shut the door behind us, and if I weren’t mistaken, I’m sure I heard the click of the lock.

I felt his eyes on me as I retreated to the bathroom, and then again as I came back bearing a washcloth and bandages. My earlier smile and been replaced with a frown, focusing on the man I had seated on my bed. 

Trying to position my body close enough to him so I could reach, I held the rag in my hand, concentrating at the task ahead of me. I just hoped he didn’t have any serious wounds. Being who I was, I knew nothing of treating things like that. Hell, I was scared of needles, and there was no way I would be able to stick them in someone else if he needed to be stitched up. I just didn’t have the stomach for it. 

“You can sit in my lap if you need, yeah.” The sound of his voice made me jump, almost making me fall out of the bed. But, thankfully, Blondie had caught me, his hands firmly holding onto my hips. 

I ignored his comment, guessing he didn’t mean it. But, as I tried to stay focused on what I was doing, I could feel his hands slip under my shirt, softly caressing the smooth of my back. 

“Wh-what happened to you?” I whispered, trying to distract myself from the warm feeling of his palms. And, when the air around him turned cold, I knew I had said something wrong. 

From the corner of my eye, I saw his blue orbs turn cold- dark. His expression bittered, and his nails begun to dig into my sensitive skin. 

I tried to keep my face composed, but as his grasp grew tighter, I knew he could see the pain that flashed through my pale features. But, even then, he didn’t let go. 

“Are you okay?” And, that’s when he snapped. 

Before I had anytime to react, I found myself below him. The blonde’s hands moved from my back, to my wrist, keeping me in place. And, as I turned up to look at him, I saw the anger in his eyes. The fury that only meant one thing. 

He had lost more than a fight. 

So, instead of struggling, I watched him. 

The boy growled in response to me, laying his forehead on my chest. His legs were on either side of me, and his body acted as a cage. I was trapped. 

I could feel his hot breath through the flimsy material of my shirt. The only article of clothing I was wearing besides my undergarments. Which, by now, I was seriously regretting. What if something…happened?

He slowly drug his nose upwards, laying his body flat against mine. And, not soon after, buried his face into the crook of my neck.

I could feel every inch of him against me- his ripped clothing not doing much to mask his toned body. I shivered beneath him, knowing that he was in pain, and I shouldn’t have been enjoying this. 

“Your name. What is it?”

He rolled his head to my shoulder, staring at me through questionable eyes. Then, mischief took a hold of him, again. I gulped, knowing he wasn’t up to any good. 

“I’m gonna make you earn it, hm.” 

“Wha-” I was cut off by my own groan as his mouth took a sudden liking to my neck; suckling at it. He alternated both of my wrists into one of his hands, roughly jerking my legs open with the other. Blondie settled himself between them, running his hand up my side. 

“It was a simple mission,” he growled, lightly nipping at the base of my throat. “We were to extract the one-tails, and we did.” 

I listened to the muffled sounds of his story, trying to hold back sounds of my own. Trust me, I tried. But, it was just so hard when he was just so…gifted. But, even if what he was doing put me off, I could still hear the hurt in his voice. 

“They came back, then. That nine-tails brat did this to me. And, when they finally cleared…” he paused, wrapping his arms around my waist and crushing me to him. “He was dead.” 


I dunno about you guys, but this chapter made me really sad. Okok. And, if you don’t know who Deidara is talking about, you should just…I dunno. Why are you even here. Stap. 

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