Katies POV

Louis Tomlinson. It was a name I knew so well. He was pratically my brother before he left for the X factor. Louis was my brother's best friend since year 2. They were inseperable. Will (my brother) always let me hang out with him and Louis. Louis eventually became my best friend to. 

"KATIE!!!!" a familar voice screamed. 

"WHAT!" i screamed out of my bedroom door.

"Hi!" Will grinned over me while i lay in bed. 

"GET. OUT. NOW!" he had just woken me up so obviously i was grumpy.

"I can't! You need to get up!" he strode over to my window and pushed my red curtains aside causing me to scream at the sunlight.

"Whyyyyyy." i groaned.

"Louis is here and hes leaving for X factor, so get your lazy ass outta bed and put on some decent clothing." then Will smirked and walked out of my bedroom.

I got out of bed after he left. Today was the day. The day one of the two boys in my life would walk out on me forever. Will kept saying Louis would come back and visit but I knew he wouldn't. 

I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen. I saw a muffin on the counter and sprinted for it.

"Morning sunshine." 

I turned around from the stove to see a cheeky boy smiling at me.

"LOU!!!!" I ran twoards him and almost squeezed the life out of him.

"Your. Hurting. Me." he said between gasps of breath. 

"Oh sorry. I just can't believe your leaving today." I said.

"I know neither can i." Louis looked at the ground with his blue green eyes filled with tears.

"Hey don't cry. Your gonna do great." 

"Thats not why im crying." he said then looked at me in the eyes. I was about to ask why but then Will strode into the room. 

"Kay Kay your awake!" he said. "Nice to see ya but Lou the cars here." 

"oh. alright ill be out in a second but can i talk to katie for a little while longer?" he asked. we all knew the answer. after my parents died and i movied in with will he became really over protective when it came to leaving me alone with any boy even louis.

"lou..." will was about to start but was interupted.

"please?" lou said making his eyes as big as possible.

"no you need to go. im sorry." will said looking at the ground.

"airight i understand." then as he started walking away with Will i grabbed Louis's arm and he turned and looked at me.

"here let me give you this." i placed a carrott in his hand and a huge grin grew on his face. 

"i promise ill call everyday." he hugged me then left.

I havent gotten a call since and that was 2 years ago.

authors note.

hey guys! sorry i write really short chapters :( tell me what u think in the comments!

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