Simple, yet effective.

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"Leah, you've gained weight."

Thats my mom, always the supportive one. Never afraid to tell me or as a matter of fact anyone her opinion. I don't look anything like my mom infact some people actually ask me if I'm addopted when I'm with her.

" I appoligize that food is my best friend Mom." I said. I put the box of oreo's down, grabbed some SpongeBob squeezeable applesauce and walked upstairs. See I recently had surgery on my hand so I couldn't be as activie as i usually was. Normally I'd be at swim, dance, basketball, or track practice but since my surgery the most excersice I have gotten was reaching for the TV remote. Once i got into my room i slammed the door. Right after i did i regretted it. I turn around to open it but instead of seeing the door i got to see my wonderful father. "Oh hey dad. How are you?" i asked trying so hard not to sound like a bitch. (Apparently everything i have to say to my father is always in a 'bitchy tone that he does not apprechate') "Leah, you know the rules. You are not allowed to have your door closed unless your changing or sleeping" my dad yelled. Sheesh. I never can have a convo with my dad without getting yelled at for breaking some stupid rule of his. "DAD. I'm going to be a 9th grader soon! Why in the world can't i have my door closed when I want to. It's not fair!" I yelled back. My mom was used to the yelling going on between me and my dad so she didnt even bother to come and check to see what was wrong. "Far or not it's my house so you live by my rules". My dad then walked out of my room without waiting to see what i had to say next. So not what i need the night before my first day of high school.

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