I woke to the sun shining into my room and my mobile going off; sleepily I got up just in time to answer the phone.

“Hello?” my voice was thick with sleep and I had not had time to look at who was calling at… 3 in the afternoon. It was my mother.

“Hey there sweetie… did I wake you?” there was a smile in my mother’s voice.

“Yeah but its ok, I needed to get up anyway. You at gran’s?” my mother chuckled and replied. “Yeah, I got here at 1. I rang home but no body answered so I assumed you were out. I’m guessing I was wrong?”

“Yeah, I was asleep. Jacob and I didn’t get to sleep until late and I got up and watched the sunrise”

“So naturally you went to bed after you had something to eat and Jacob went home?” my mum knew me so well. Laughing I was genuinely happy to be talking to her. In these last couple of days I had missed her. She had always been my leaning post, my person who I could go to about anything and anyone. She would not judge, she was there for me and now, I could not tell her what I was dying to say.

“Oh and darling, quick question. Has that boy who was in your bed this morning gone yet or is he still there?” or maybe I could tell her.

“You saw that huh?”

“Oh yes dear. Now. I need a name, age, school and reason why he was in your bed.” I had to hand it to her; she was putting on a good show for gran. Who I assumed was in the room, because knowing my mother she would want to know all the ‘other’ information. Like how did we meet? Is he a gentleman? Have we kissed and if so, is he a good kisser? She was more the girlfriend in these situations and I think that’s because I had never had a boyfriend before. Poor mum, never been able to talk about boys like a normal young mum with her teenage daughter. Although she did hide it well. Being the best daughter that I am and knowing Gran couldn’t hear me, I got comfy and included what she really wanted to know. “His name is Jackson Samson, he is 17, goes to school with me and was in my bed last night because he slept over. AND!” I yelled sensing that she was going to interrupt. “We meet when he helped me at school, he is very much a gentleman and is a very good kisser.” I heard the intake of breath and a sigh of happiness. “Oh my baby! Your fir- I mean thank you for telling me. I have to go mother is wanting to go into town; I’ll ring you when I get back. Goodbye my baby. I love you.”

“Bye mum. I love you too.” Laughing I hung up and went into the bathroom.

            Getting out of the shower I went to get dressed but was stopped short because Jacob was sitting on my bed.

“Jake? What are you doing here?” I pulled my towel closer to my body and shrunk back to the doorway. We were best friend but Jacob had never seen me like this, and for the first time in a long time, I felt uncomfortable around Jacob. Before Jacob spoke he looked down to his hands, which were tensed together and fidgeting.

“I know this is weird me showing up and everything but I needed to talk to you. Its kind of important.” He finally looked up at me, a questioning look on his face.

“Umm yeah ok, but can I put some clothes on please? No offence, but this is kind of weird.” Jacob’s face reddened as he got up and walked out my door and just as I thought the door was shut, it opened again, along with my towel dropping.

“LIZ!” Jackson’s hands flew up to his mouth in shock and my hands flew to my body,

“JACKSON!” I bent down and picked up my towel. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?”  

“WHY ARE YOU NAKED?” Jackson yelled, I held my towel tighter. “AND WHY DID JACOB JUST COME OUT OF YOUR ROOM?”

“Why are you here Jack? Wait. Sit.” Jackson stood standing, taking it as he would not budge, I grabbed a pair of jeans and a top, and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door for effect.

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