Chapter 6

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-Louis' POV-

    "Lou, have you been on Twitter this morning?" Harry asked. I could detect a hint of disappointment in his voice.

    "No, why?" Was Harry getting more Twitter hate?

    "Just log on and look." He walked away without saying another word. I quickly logged on and scrolled through my mentions.

@NiallOfficial: @Louis_Tomlinson and @StellaRoo deep in conversation. Our LouLouBear's growing up! (insert picture here)

@LouLikesCarrots: @NiallOfficial Are they dating? @Louis_Tomlinson could do soo much better than @StellaRoo

@InLouWeThrust: @NiallaOfficial That ugly whore needs to back off my man!

@Jaytommodarling: @NiallOfficial How cute. Does @Louis_Tomlinson have a new girlfriend? @StellaRoo is gorgeous.

    Great. Just great. People were sending her hate, AND Mum's embarrassing me on Twitter. I checked my history, and saw that I had two text messages and three missed calls. One text and one missed call from Lottie, and one text and two missed calls from Mum. I dialed the number to my house back in Doncaster.

    "Louis! Long time no call." Lottie answered on the other side of the phone.

    "Hey, Lots. Miss ya! Mind putting me on speaker?" I responded. It was true; I did miss my little sister.

    "Hey, BooBear. We miss you!" Mum said, and I felt bad for not visiting more often.

    "When do we get to meet your girlfriend?" Fizzy asked.

    "She', not my girlfriend." I admitted sheepishly. Since they were girls, I knew that they would know exactly what to tell me.

    "But you obviously like her." Lottie replied as if it was easy enough for a little kid to understand.

    "Well....yeah." I said quietly. Lottie may only be fourteen, but she understands these things. It's like she has a sixth sense or something.

    "She's really pretty, but if you don't mind my asking, what's up with the blue hair?" Mum asked me. For some strange reason, the question bugged me a little. Sure, it was a little different, but it's one of the many things that makes her beautiful.

    "She's one of those people who believes in being different. She's not like all the other girls, who dye their hair blonde..which is one of the many things that makes me love her." It took me a while to respond because I didn't know how to word it.

    "She seems lovely. Sorry to end our conversation so quickly, but we have to go. Love you, BooBear!" Mum replied before hanging up. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander to Stella. Her blue hair, hazel eyes, perfect teeth, etc...


-Stella's POV-

    "SWAGGER JAGGER. SWAGGER JAGGER. YOU SHOULD GET SOME OF YOUR OWWWWN." Jenna yelled at the top of her lungs. We had decided that tonight would be a girl night. What happens on our girl nights? We sing random songs and eat the most unhealthy food on the planet. Yup, no pillow fights for us. Occasionally, if I'm thinking about Louis and being quiet, she'll throw one at me and I'll return it, though.

    "COUNT THAT MONEEEY. GET YOUR GAME ON. GET YOUR GAME ON. GET YA, GET YA GAME ON." I screamed. It's 2 am, and we're doing a twitcam while screaming the words to Swagger Jagger in the middle of the street. Sounds totally safe, right? Yep.

    "WeLoveStella wants us to sing our favorite One Direction song." Jenna read the computer screen. WeLoveStella? I had fans? This was news to me.

    "NOOOOTHING'S FINE I'M TOOOOOORN." I shouted as I looked up at the sky. Jenna gave me a strange look since she knows I'm not a huge fan, but since meeting the boys, I've started to like them. Torn is just perfection.

    "I'M ALL OUT OF FAITH." Jenna sceamed. I doubled over with laughter as she jumped out of the road to avoid being hit by an old man in a truck.

    "Louis_Tomlinson says we're gonna kill ourselves." As soon as I read it out loud, I realized who it was.

    "LOUIS, MY CARROT LORD!" Jenna shouted as she bowed. The feed immediately began to fill up with weird comments about carrots. I laughed as we logged off.

    "We should go to bed." I yawned, while making my way inside our apartment.

    "Why? So you can dream about my carrot lord?" She teased me. In response, I threw a huge green pillow at her face. She laughed and immediately fell asleep.

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