An Ended Friendship

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Sarah Beth~

I happily yawned and made my way into the Common Room. It wasn't very full; most people were on their way to breakfast, although we had lots of time before then.  There wasn't any hurry.

Noting this, I sat down in one of the many overstuffed chairs in front of the fireplace. I melted into it and listened to the fire cozily pop. The big, potted flowered plant beside me let off a beautiful fragrance. Professor Sprout loved to fill the Common Room with sweet smelling plants. I looked up at the picture of Cedric that hung over the mantel.

"Good morning, Cedric." I whispered, hoping where ever he was he could hear me.

I was sitting there for maybe a minute or two when two sixth years went by in mid-conversation. I shamelessly listened in. There were no secrets at Hogwarts because there was always something listening.

"Well, I heard he fought off three Aurors!"

"Me too! And that the Minister is in Mungo's!" I leaned in closer. Why would Mr. Cornelius be in St. Mungo's?

"It's unbelievable!" By this time, my curiosity was overwhelming. I was getting up to ask them what they were talking about when something caught my eye. There was a bit of something sticking out of the plant. I reached in and pulled it out. To my surprise, it was an issue of the Quibbler. Auntie had banned them, so someone must have been hiding it. 

"Hmm..." I turned it over in my hands. I flipper it back over to notice a small picture of Auntie on the front. I read the caption.



See more on page twenty four

...What? I opened up the magazine and turned to the page. Starring back at me was a picture of Auntie. On either side of her was a picture of Mr. Cornelius and Mr. Filch. I read the article below.

"WHAT?!" I loudly exclaimed as I threw down the rubbish-bin of a magazine. The article said that Auntie was having an affair with Mr. Cornlius and Mr. Filch! And never even in a million trillion years was that ever true ever!

A stream of anger instantly started flowing through my body. The Quibbler was a magazine edited by Luna's father! He let these... these...lies be printed! And Luna could have been the only one to tell him about how Mr. Filch was constantly doing things for Auntie and how she had a framed picture of Mr. Cornlius on her desk (what the article failed to mention was that Rufus and I were also in the picture with him). How could she?

I shot up, furious. How could she? Why!? I had to give her a piece of my mind! I started going towards the door, making sure to stomp on the magazine on my way out. I knew where she would be; she was were she always was before breakfast: Out in the Herbology houses looking for some of her stupid imaginary creatures. 

I threw open the Herbology door and flew in. I didn't see her anywhere.

"Luna Lovegood!" I yelled, sounding a lot like how Auntie sounded when she was angry at me. Across the house I saw Luna stand up from behind a tall, bush looking thing. 

"Yes?" She answered in a soft voice. 

"What the heck did you tell your father about my Auntie?" I went towards her.

"What?" She came to me, and we meet in the middle.

"I saw the freaking Quibbler today! My Auntie is not in love with Mr. Filch! She isn't in love with Mr. Cornelius, either!  She doesn't love any of them!"

"I didn't tell my father anything, Sarah Beth," She tried to put a hand on my shoulder in comfort, but I pushed is away. 

"I don't care! He put it in there! My Auntie isn't having an affair, and now if anyone read it, they might think she is!"

"Sarah Beth-"

"No! I can't believe you would do that to me?!"

 "I didn't do anything..."

"Shut up! It's your fault! It's all your fault! I know my friends talk bad about Auntie, but they don't' do this! So, I guess you're not my friend!" I was so mad my Cockney accent was coming out at full force. She looked a bit tearful.

"I'm sorry..."

"Shut up! No you're not!" I looked down at her wrist; she was still wearing the bracelet I had made her back in fourth year. She didn't deserve to wear it! She didn't' deserve my gifts after what she had done to me! I took my wand out, "Accio bracelet!" The bracelet flew off her wrist and into my hand. "Hm!" I loudly sneered, and then turned back around, heading back into the school. 

About that time it was a minute or two before breakfast started. Although I should have been going back to the Common Room to cool off, I went straight for the Great Hall, breathing hard. I barley even glanced at anything around me. All I concentrated on was getting to the Hall. Finally, I saw the two wide double doors wide open, and I started walking a little faster. I was about to step through when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Frecky!" Someone pulled me away from the door and into a small crevice a few feet away from the doors.

"What?!" I angrily asked.

"So you've heard?" Rufus asked. He sounded a bit nervous. 

"Yes, I've heard! I can't believe Luna would do that!"

"Luna? What does this have to do with Luna?"

"Everything! Her father is the editor! He puts it in!"

"The Quibbler? What? No! Have you read any of the, like, 500 copies of the new Decree all over the school?"

"No! I have more important things to worry about!"

"I don't think so..."

"Ruffie, I don't' have time for this-"

"Frecky!" He put both of his hands on my shoulders, shaking them. "Listen to me! You're Aunt had replaced Dumbledore!"

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