Part 34

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(1 week later)

Things between me and Max were better now. We were still very upset and quite emotional but we had each other.

Plans for Emi and Siva's wedding had began as they were having their wedding this spring and it was already the 29th february. I couldn't wait, it was going to be amazing! Just the thing me and Max needed to cheer as up. It was still getting me down that my actions could of been the reason for killing the baby.

I slouched on the sofa next to Max who was looking into mid air day dreaming again like he had been doing constantly for the last week.

"Max hello anyone home?" i asked waving my hand infrount of his face.

"Oh sorry i was just thinking" he replied straching his forhead.

"What about?" i asked interested.

"Um doesn't matter" he said looking away.

I turned away and curled up in the courner of the sofa. It was killing me. I was basically lying to him and he didn't even realise it. If he loved me he would understand. Wouldn't he?? I had to tell him.

"Max can i tell you something? You must promise not to go mad at me" i told him still facing the other way.

"Yes sure darling anything you want and i promise i won't" he replied squeezing my shoulder to show his support. I took a deep breath and spoke.

"Well you know when i went on the hen do, i would of been pregnant but we didn't know" I said taking a quick pause before going to carry on.

"Yes" he spoke sharply.

I nervously spoke "Well...i drank alcohol that night meaning i could of been the reason for the death of the baby" whilst my body was shaking.

The was a long gap of silence. I quivered as Max stayed quiet. I just wanted him to say something, anything, it was better than nothing. He got up and went into the kitchen. I heard the tap run. I few minutes later he came back in and perched himself on the end of the sofa.

"Please say something, I'm sorry i didn't know then" i told him as i went to kiss him.

He pulled away. I walked up the stairs and cryed as i flopped on the bed. A while later Max came up and sat beside me.

"It might not have been you that caused it, as the doctor said it could have been anything" he reassured me looking deep into my eyes.

"Yes but it could have been, the might is still there" i replied tearfully feeling like a murder.

"I'm sorry for before, it was just the shock and the sadness" he said kissing me on the forhead as he pulled me into his chest. My eyes flowed out tears as i sobbed into his t-shirt making it damp. We sat and conforted each other whilst crying on the bed for the duration of the day.

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