Chapter Twenty Three

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A/N- Hey guys(: So here is the next chapter (: It's in Cara's P.O.V and I'm sorry for leaving it on a cliffhanger ;D - In all fairness, Cara told me to, so blame her! I didn't post when I wanted to, as I was kind of just sulking that I wasn't at SiTC... Ah well.

Also, it's kind of short. I couldn't finish it for a while, so I left it... sowwy :(

Hope you like it(:


Chapter Twenty Three

Cara's P.O.V

The dull glowing light from the streetlamps were all I could see, as I forced myself to push myself to run faster on and on through the endless rows of streets that surrounded the cafe. I knew which direction Alex had vaguely gone in, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where he was. I thought I knew where he had gone, but evidently not.

I had been running for roughly fifteen minutes and my lungs were burning with the effort and my muscles were screaming in protest. Finally, I couldn’t take the overwhelming crushing sensation that was coursing through my body.  I slowed to a walk, my footfalls now lighter on the pavement. The blackness was the only thing I could faintly see, aside from the faint streetlights. I felt slightly bare, as if I was unprepared for some mass incident. Once my body had recovered from that utter torture (That is also known as exercise) I let my mind race with all the possibilities and outcomes from the recent situation.

I couldn’t comprehend Alex’s reaction. His words, his actions, his body language all silently screamed anger and utter resentment. All I had done was keep a secret for my best friend. What’s so bad about that?  I wondered. I shook my head. I would never truly understand that boy’s mind. His crazy, beautiful, bizarre, wonderful, intelligent mind.

I’d let him go without a fight... I let him leave... With this thought, I finally realised just what I had lost. Love. I was completely sure that I loved him. I wanted him-all of him-crazy mind and all. But I wasn’t sure just how badly this situation had rocked the boat. Hopefully, he would come to his senses and sail back to me, a white flag waving in surrender. A great sadness washed over me. As I thought relentlessly, his image over taking my mind, crystal clear in clarity, I walked aimlessly through the streets, not even taking notice of my surroundings anymore. I hadn’t given up on finding him, I just couldn’t take the hurt of what our reunion could bring.

My heart constricted tensely at the awkwardness that our reunion would bring. I was adamant I would not apologise, under any circumstances. I hadn’t done anything wrong, if anything, Alex was the one who had to say sorry, but everyone says things they don’t mean in the heat of the moment, do they not? You’re having an argument and you’re so, so, angry and you want to express that anger in the angriest way possible, because you’re so angry with that other person. So you say the worst possible thing, to break them, to hurt them, to reduce them to tears. But you don’t mean it. You would never mean those words. But they believe that you mean it. And they’re crying and sobbing and in so much pain because of that.

I hoped he just having one of those heat-of-the-moment moments. I hoped Alex fully regretted what he’d done.

My brain was giving me no mercy and had focused on that one single moment, where the one wonderful thing I had, had broken and left, leaving me hurting and desperate for the ache in my heart to end.

 I groaned slightly and covered my eyes with hands, desperate for my mind to focus on something else, as my mind replayed the scene over and over again, like when a DVD skips in a DVD player and one word is said over and over again.  

As always, Alex was the one I was thinking about. He was never out of my head. Feeling dejected that I still hadn’t found him, I trudged slowly to a wooden bench, perched underneath a streetlamp, opposite a vast park and children’s play area. I slumped against the wood, finally feeling the freezing cold air envelope me, as I had now stopped running. Desperate to focus on something else, anything else, I let my eyes search my dark surroundings. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the hazy darkness, as the light from the streetlamps weren’t particularly bright.

I could vaguely see, across the road, at the park, a silhouette swing, swinging back and forth. My heartbeat picked up, my brain became more alert; Was it possible that that figure was Alex? Who else would be on a swing, in a park, in the early hours of the morning?

There was only one way to find out. Excited and very nervous, I strode towards the swing and the figure, hoping beyond hope that it was Alex.

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