Chapter Thirty-One: Blood

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                I squirmed even more, kicking and trying to scream at the top of my lungs. I bounced myself up and down on the bed, trying to make as much noise as possible.

                The key card had managed to open the door, slightly, but he was stopped by the extra chain lock. Harry tried pushing the door open.

                “Babe, can you come open the door? It’s just me,” his sing-song voice filled the room.

                More tears burst out of my eyes while I kept trying to make noise, but Harry couldn’t hear me.

                Steven’s smile had spread and gotten the biggest I’ve ever seen it. He put his knife in his back pocket and walked to the door. Hiding himself behind it, he opened it.

                “Thanks Hannah,” Harry walked in and closed the door behind him. When he looked behind the door for me, he was surprised to find Steven there.

                Steven acted quickly. He knocked Harry down with one punch to the stomach, making Harry cough, gasping for air. Harry was crumpled over on his knees when he saw me.

                My heart broke.

                Steven kicked him in the chest two times, making Harry cough harder and harder. My vision was so blurred by tears, that it was hard to see them.

                Steven kicked Harry once more, and Harry cried out in pain, holding his side. His eyes never left mine.

                I didn’t know what to do. Harry was right in front of me, getting beaten, and I couldn’t do a thing. All I could do was watch him, and cry, but I was doing a lot of crying already.

                I squirmed some more, hoping to distract Steven for a minute, but it didn’t work. Steven just stood over Harry, watching him writhe in pain.

                That’s when Harry shot up, standing on his feet barely and punched Steven in the face, making him stumble backwards. Harry clutched his side and stole a glance at me, I saw pain in his eyes as tears slid down his cheek.

                Steven quickly got back up and charged at Harry, ramming Harry into the door with a huge thud. Harry screamed in pain. Steven punched him again in the chest and knocked his breath out.

                “You’re so weak, do you know that? She’s making you weak, but you don’t see that,” Steven stood over him.

                Harry stumbled back up and ran into Steven, giving him all he could. This time, Steven fell so hard that he was knocked onto his back on the floor. He got back up.

                “Is that all you’ve got? Bring it on, pretty boy.” Steven’s voice got dark and out of breath.

                Harry punched him in the stomach again, causing blood to start falling from Steven’s lip. Steven recovered quickly and punched Harry again, this time in his ribs. I was pretty sure he had broken a few.

                Harry bent over in pain, but never took his eyes off of Steven. Steven kicked Harry again, sending Harry straight to the floor and making him struggle to breathe.

                “I think you’ve had enough,” Steven said while Harry still laid on the floor.

                Steven walked over to me, wiping the blood off his lip and smiled. “Now you can be with a real man.”

                He reached down to me, preparing to pull my duct tape off, when I kicked my legs, trying to knock him down. I failed and he ripped the tape off.

                Steven reached his fingers to my cheek, trying to wipe my tears away. I bit his fingers when they were close enough. I tasted blood in my mouth.

                “Bitch! Maybe I’ll kill you too. You’re not even worth it!” Steven screamed, smacking my cheek with his hand. I was sure I heard something crack or break or whatever in my cheek. I pulled my hand up to it and noticed blood running through my fingers. He pulled out his knife.

                I knew what was going to happen next when Steven lunged at me with his knife. And I felt the blade break through my skin, but everything went in slow motion while the blood gushed out of my stomach.

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                I tried to breathe, but my breaths were quick and increased in pain each time. I looked around, but all I could see was shapes. Two dark shapes.

                Steven turned back to Harry and noticed that he was trying to get back up.

                Steven grabbed his shirt and pulled Harry up to eye level. “Have you finally had enough?” Steven looked like a monster.

                I couldn’t watch any longer. My heart was slowing, and I was bleeding more than I thought possible. My eyes slowly closed.

                I tried to open them back up, but I couldn’t manage. Everything was dark, except the small white light that seemed to be approaching me.

                                                                                TO BE CONTINUED…

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