Chapter 79: Is This The Legendary Love?

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Su Jian thought that it would be difficult for him to admit that he liked a man. Unexpectedly, he felt much more relaxed after he confessed his feelings to An Yize.

Seeing An Yize's moved face, which was a very rare sight, Su Jian's heart felt warm.

The previous feelings of being reluctant to leave or infatuation seemed to have found their place. Su Jian came to a sudden realization while also feeling a sense of relief.

Thus, when An Yize leaned forward for a kiss, Su Jian didn't avoid him.

In the past, when An Yize kissed him, he would react unconsciously. Now that he was reacting consciously, it would naturally be different. One could react physically, but it was much harder to stop reacting from one's heart.

The two of them who were having a sincere talk earlier were now acting intimately on the sofa.

An Yize slipped his hand underneath Su Jian's clothes. Su Jian then undid his buttons himself. An Yize removed his belt and Su Jian removed An Yize's pants.

An Yize laughed softly.

Su Jian felt a little shameful. "What are you laughing at? Eating and engaging in sexual activity are necessary for human beings!"

An Yize pecked his lips. "You're right."

Even so, when they were approaching the last step, Su Jian was a little hesitant. Gulping down his saliva, he gasped, "The door and the window... Will someone come in?" I promise, I came here purely with the intention to pick An Yize up. I didn't expect this office play scene at all! But... Su Jian licked his lips. It does feel a little exciting doing it here. The next time I come here, I probably won't be able to look at this sofa in the same way again...

An Yize stopped his movements. Then, he got up and carried Su Jian in his arms.

Su Jian hugged his neck hurriedly. Seeing An Yize carrying him towards the room in the office, he immediately understood. However, he didn't fail to remind him again, "Close the door tight!"

The bed in the room wasn't big. Lying above the bed, Su Jian murmured, "The bed is too small. Let's get a bigger one when we have the chance..."

An Yize kissed him with a smile. "Okay."

While they were resting after the bout, Su Jian suddenly remembered something and asked An Yize with wide eyes, "Did you shoot it in again?"

An Yize was currently feeding Su Jian with a cup of water. Hearing that, the water in the cup swayed.

Putting the cup of water down, An Yize held Su Jian in his embrace. Rubbing Su Jian's sweaty face, he suddenly said, "Jian Jian, let's have a child."


I've just accepted An Yize and now I'm being asked to bear a child. Can life not rush at me so intensely and quickly!

On their way back home, Su Jian sat beside An Yize while feeling distressed.

He almost forgot. If he stayed together with An Yize, he couldn't escape from giving birth to a child. It would've been great if he was a guy since he couldn't give birth. But now that he had the required system, giving birth to a child was just a matter of time.

It's not that I'm unwilling to give An Yize a child, I'm just scared of the thought!

Su Jian couldn't help but touch his own tummy.

"Yize," Su Jian looked at An Yize who was driving by his side and said slowly, "I think we shouldn't think of having a child so early."

An Yize replied calmly, "Why?"

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