Harry P.O.V

I watched as Niall took his phone out while chatting to the hottie we had seen earlier today. She was laughing at something he said and I felt..not jealous exactly just,. Annoyed.

"What do you think their talking about?" I asked Lou who was also staring in their direction

" I dunno, something funny I guess"

"Huh" I watched as the hottie walked away and Niall walked up to us smiling from ear to ear

"So.. what did you guys talk about?" I asked

"How much we like Nando's, and she gave me her phone number" He said showing us her phone. I glimpsed at it and caught the name Belle

"She wasn't a bitch to you then?" Lou asked

"No, she's actually really cool. Plays guitar like me, loves Nando's"

"It's a Niall in girl form!" Zayn laughed trying to break the awkward silence that had fallen

"Hey guys, I found Gemma" Liam said walking up to us with Gemma and Greg behind him

"Little bro!" Gemma screamed throwing her arms around me and kissing me

"Gemma, get off!" I struggled to say

"What? Am I embarrassing you?" She asked finally stepping away

"Yes!" I snapped at her

"GEMMA!" Lou yelled running over to her and picking her up, spinning her around the room

"Hey Lou! I missed you too!" She giggled when Louis finally set her down

"See Harry, that's how you should greet your sister" She commented flipping her hair

"Hey Gem" Zayn said walking over and giving her a hug

"So who were you talking to before?" I asked, for some reason the mysterious hottie had me hooked. I craved information about her

"Oh Belle! We knocked into each other in the bathroom"

"And I got her number!" Niall sang

" Cool! You have to give me hers, I gave her mine but she walked off before I could ask for hers"

"It's probably cause she saw us" Liam stated

"Why would she run away from you guys?" Greg asked

"Greggy! I forgot you where here" Niall said running over and hugging his brother

"Hey Nialler!" Greg said tousling Niall's hair

"Harry! Were you mean to this poor girl?" Gemma said rounding on me


"YES!" Zayn, Niall and Liam yelled at the same time

"Hey, Lou was mean too!" I said pouting

" What did you guys do?" She asked while walking to a table


"Order 739 is available. Order 739" The loud speaker interrupted me

"That's our order!" Niall hopped up out of the bench seats and headed to the counter

"Well it's a long story"

Louis P.O.V

Three hours and eighteen cups of coffee later (from the nearby starbucks) Harry and I had filled Gemma in on the Belle situation and where heading home. Gemma and Greg had offered to drop the other boys off, it was just me and Harry.

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