I kept conteplating myself whether or not I should walk in there. I knew it wasn't Ryan, wasn't Kyle, but if it was Jack..he would have said something. I texted Ashley first to see what would she do. She texted me, and said" Nick is so hott, i'm in lust. But, you should go...he might be sexy, but then again he might be a serial killer." Who says that? That didn't make me feel better at all. But I finally decided to walk in and just see who he, or she was. When I walked in, I looked around for a guy wirh a yellow, and red? tie. Oh, no i can't remeber. Then I heard" Jennifer, over here." I turned around, and almost had a heart attack. This man, was sexy as hell. " And you are?' I asked. " Todd, Todd Daniels.' He relplied with a smile. Before taking my hand and kissing it. The room got, one-hundred degrees hotter. " So, why did you "buy" me." I asked sitting down. " Well, when they showed a picture of what you looked like because you weren't there, I just knew i had to have you." You can have me anyway you want me, just say when." I mean, take you on a date. I'm sorry that came out all wrong." Todd said rubbing his forhead. " It's fine, don't worry. I knew what you meant." " So, uh what school do you go to my school?, because i definately would have remembered you." I smiled. " No, I am actually a Senior at Glen View." " Well that would explain it. You know you guys are our arch-rivals?" I asked. " I can understand why you huys would hate us, we beat you eveytime." He smirked. " Is that right?" I laughed. This date might not be so bad afterall.

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