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Niall just kissed me. He freaking kissed me!

I lay awake beside him because how could anyone possibly sleep after that? God that was amazing, and sexy. The fact that I was so angry before and after I couldn't even remember why proved to me that we had something special. No one else could make me feel like that.

I rolled over and stared at his sleeping face. He was flawless, I mean I had always known that but everything that he was insecure about, was absolutely perfect in my eyes. He was a god. His pale clear skin contrasted with his vibrantly blue eyes so well that it made me weak in the knees. As I watched him I ran through our conversation in my mind, over thinking everything as always.

"I don't think I can deal with it all right now. Give me some time yeah?"

Niall I'd give you forever just to be able to be with you. But in all reality if I waited forever we would never be together. He was just unsure, and it was my job to show him that I was the right choice.

"Stop staring, I can't sleep." Niall mumbled making me jump.

"I-I wasn't staring." I said regaining my composure after the scare.

"Sure." He chuckled as he eyes opened and met mine.

"Did I wake you?" I asked as I reached out to run my fingers through his hair. I felt him shiver beneath my touch.

"Nah, I wasn't sleeping." He said.

"Me either." I told him.

"I know." He said smiling and taking my hand in his.

"Do you want to do something together tomorrow?" I asked.

His eyes lit up.

"Like what?" He asked.

"Exploring, camping?" I suggested.

"Camping...just me and you?" He asked.

"All night long." I said smirking and moving closer so that our knees were touching.

"Okay." He said. "But I get to pack the food." 

"We can go to the market tomorrow and grab all your favorite foods." I said.

He smiled.

"This is like a date." He said.

"Only if you want it to be." I said.

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