Chapter 2- The Miracle

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I waited...

And waited...

And waited...


Nothing happened.

I opened my eyes to find the light slowly subsiding to reveal the stunned faces of three unusual people. Bellatrix took a step back so she was slightly behind her husband, Rodolphus clutched onto Bella's arm, Snape seemed to be alright with what had happened, almost as if he had been expecting it. And as for Riddle, he was frozen. Frozen to the very place he stood. If he had had any colour to begin with, he would have lost it in seconds.

I sat up and shuffled away from my small crowd whilst they were paralyzed by their own shock and fear. Standing up as quickly as I could, I looked down to be sure of my footing to guarentee the quickest escape but my attention was caught by something slightly more pressing. The necklace had returned to gold and rose quartz. I reached down and touched the stone lightly with my finger, glancing up as I ran towards the door, to find that my scar disappeared from my hand and my arm. Even touching it didn't hurt anymore.

I ran into the door without realizing that I had reached it and pulled it open as curses and jinxes finally started flying in my direction. I glanced behind me before pushing myself even further forwards, desperate to get out of this maze of a house and back into civilisation.

I followed the hall down into another large room, but this room was brighter, full of elaborate furniture and free of any people in sight. I found an empty old and dusty cupboard and climbed in. I heard footsteps coming towards me, slowing just outside the thin pieces of wood that were stopping me from being found. I took one small and almost silent breath before the doors were opened.

I looked out into Borgin and Burke's. The shop in Knockturn Alley. There was an old and slightly mishappen man staring at me. I looked into the back of the cupboard, feeling the wood for any switches or levers.

"I take it that that was your first time using a Vanishing Cabernet." He said, holding out his hand to help me get out. I took his hand and jumped out in one swift movement. 

"A Vanishing Cabernet?" I repeated. The old man nodded and walked back towards the counter.

"They were the height of fashion back when You-Know-Who was prowling the streets. Death Eaters come looking for you, climb in and get out into somewhere safe. You'd wait for a few hours before getting back in and going back but they'd be non the wiser as to where you where. Now they just sit around collecting dust. I've been trying to shift this one for a few years now." He said, counting all of the Galleons in the till.

"Excuse me for asking, but can you Apparate?" The man looked at me with a kind smile.

"Yes dear, why do you want to know?" He asked, placing all of the Galleons, Sickles and Knuts into a leather drawstring bag around his neck.

"Could you take me to Hogsmeade?" I asked, hoping that his answer would be yes. The man looked at me more closely.

"You're a student at Hogwarts?"


"How did you get down here then?" He asked. "If I remember correctly, it is impossible to get in or out of the grounds."

"Long story. Not much time. Please, can you take me to Hogsmeade? I can make my way from there." I said, thinking about getting on my knees and begging if he said no.

"Are you sure you can make it back by yourself?" 


"Come with me then." He said, beckoning me towards him. He offered out his hand, grasping mine firmly when I took it. Then we Disapparated from the odd shop.

My grip tightened on the old man's arm as we were seemingly squeezed to half our size before the pressure was relieved and I opened my eyes to see the silhouette of Hogwarts not too far away from where we were standing.

"Thank you." I said before releasing his arm and started walking towards Honeydukes.

"You're going in the wrong direction." He called after me. I turned around, still walking backwards and called back, "There is more than one way to get in and out of Hogwarts." I turned around just in time to hear him Disapparate. I kept on walking through the cold, dark street, cheking over my shoulder every once in a while for anyone following me.

I trudged slowly to the door of Honeydukes and pushed lightly. Locked. I reached for my wand and then remembered that I had left it in the Slytherin common room. I reached around the crevices in the door for a spare key until my hand felt something cold and metalic. I pulled out the small silver key and unlocked the door. I walked in, locked the door behind me and left the key on the counter. Trying my best to ignore all of the food around me, I pulled back the tile that hid the secret passage way.

I climbed out from behind the statue of the humpbacked, one-eyed crone and dusted myself down. If more people knew about that passage way, it wouldn't be so dusty. I went back to the main staircase and began to make my way to Professor Dumbledore's office. 

I stood infront of the large gargoyle blocking my way and muttered, "Sherbet Lemons." The gargoyle jumped aside as I stepped onto the staircase that took me to the door of the Professor's office. I knocked twice, unsure if I would get an answer at this time, whatever time it was.

"Come in." 

I opened the door warily and stepped inside. He was standing beside a pheonix that was sitting on a golden stand. I took a few steps into the main office and looked around properly for the first time. There were masses of books lining the walls, several cupboards filled with all sorts of strange instruments and mechanisms. There were elegant marble arches and numerous lamps and lights all around the room.

"I was wondering when I would see you again. You've been gone for three days, do you care to tell me where you were?" He asked, crashing my train of thought and pulling me out of the splendour of the room.

"I don't know. I should be dead." I muttered, turning my attention to the pheonix.

"So I take it that you didn't have a very pleasant stay at Malfor Manor then. Did Severus come back with you?" 

"No. Nobody did. I climbed into a Vanishing Cabernet and ended up in Borgin and Burkes. Then the man who was there Apparated us to Hogsmeade. Then I walked back. I don't think that anybody knew that I was hiding in the cabernet in the first place. Or at least, I hope they didn't." I mumbled, sitting in one of the many large leather chairs in the room.

"Well it seems as though you've had a very eventful night. You should get going back to your common room. Sue Li should be waiting for you. And remember, your in Ravenclaw this week so make sure you go to the right place. Good night Sapphire."

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