I've lost count of how many days I've been locked up. I'm hungry and thirsty and for the first time, I feel completely alone. Every so often someone throws a piece of bread at me or gives me a small bowl of water. I'm all alone. No one is going to come and save me...

Stop being such a wimp Kaya. You know what to do!

This plan probably would have worked out better had I thought of it while I still had my energy but I can't put it off any longer. I crawl over to the door and wait for it to be opened. This'll probably take awhile though since these people don't like feeding their prisoners! I let myself doze off for awhile. I'll be needing all the rest I can get anyway.

The sound of the bolts moving jolts me awake. This is it. Now or never.

The door opens and lunge. The guy never even expected it. I make sure to grab the water before too much of it spills though because come on, why would I let that go to waste. The bread can go though, it's stale and mostly mildew anyway.

I knock out the food man and make my way into the hallway. A couple of guards see me and start running in my direction. I run away from them but I can hear them gaining so I snake my way around a corner and duck. Their footsteps are getting closer... and closer... and WHAM! I get the first guy by surprise with a fist to the throat. The second guy is ready though.

 He comes at me. I dive out of the way and spin to kick his legs out from under him. I jump on top of him once he's on the floor and start punching. He moves some and a couple hits connect to the floor. Dehydration is starting to kick in and I can feel myself getting weaker. I know I won't last much longer if this doesn't end soon. He grabs my arms and spins me so I'm under him, his legs on either side me. Bad move. I bring my leg up and knee him in the balls. He falls over off me and I kick him under his jaw. He falls over and I take off running.

My head is telling me to keep running but my legs want me to stop. They feel like they're going to fall off at any minute. I decide to do what any person in my situation would do, I make my way to the restrooms. It might not seem like the smartest place to hide but there's water and lockable stalls.

I rush over to the sinks and throw my head under the water. It feels so cool and refreshing and I finally have a chance to drink more than an equivalent to half a cup of water, even if it's nasty Russian bathroom water. It's then that I decide to look up at myself in the mirrors.

Now girls always complain about their looks. The hottest girl could find something to complain about. Her nose is shaped funny. Her boobs are too small. Her shoulders are too wide. I always make fun of those girls because I think everyone should just embrace how they look. Now I understand how they must have been feeling because let me tell you, I look like shit. No, worse than shit. Whatever that is.

I look like I have sex hair except it's 100 times worse. There are knots everywhere and it's sticking up in all sorts of crazy directions. And my hair's the best part! My eyes are red and bloodshot. I have heavy bags under my eyes which will only be worse since I have makeup still covering most of my face. My makeup, which is smeared all over the place. I'm ghostly pale due to malnutrition and dehydration, at least that's my reasoning. Could only a few days have done this?

I take this moment of rest to reflect on the past few days. Things could have turned out so much worse. If I had been sold off and unable to escape. If I had been killed! I guess I can put up with looking hideous if it meant I'm still alive and free. Well sort of free. All I have to do now is escape from here.

I hope up the restroom door and hit a guard. Today must be my lucky day or something.

"You look like shit, little girl." What an ass!

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