Chapter 3

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This new chick got him thanking to much. Doesn't she realize who he is?  

Dammit she haves to get to know me now. Im going to make sure she dose. 

All of these thoughts ran rampant through Cory's head during class. 

He didnt get how she didnt know him.

The bell rang and Cory quickly stood up. He watched the new girl gather her things and rush out of the class room. 

He so wanted to know her. how was he going to do that if she was running away.

Cory had to show her who he was one way or the other.

Two hours later Cory was silently mad because he was still thinking about that girl. 

He pushed the thoughts out of his mind and head back to the locker room after running laps on the track for p.e. 

He walked into the locker room and meet up with his friend to thank of something else other then the new girl. 

Hey Cory. 

His best friend mike said. 

While ruing up to him. 

Nothing really you ready to party this Friday after the game.

Sure am dude I cant wait. 

So Cory you see the fresh meat that showed up this mooring.

Sure did she stole my seat this mooring in history and hear this were partners in the dang class.

Wow your one lucky man to have her as a partner. He punched Cory in the arm playfully.

I know dude shes one crazy hot chick. Ok dude I got to go shower I will see you later.

OK later dude.

Cory went and got his towel and jumped in the shower. He got out and dried off. When he was getting dressed he herd his coach yell for him. 

Hold on coach I will be there in a min. 

His coach was a rough tough type didn't take no shit from no one. 

He was six foot and weighing in at approximately two hundred and thirty pounds. His presence alone could scare you away. 

Cory ran up into his office. 

Yes sir? 

Coach was.siting at his desk ushering for him to sit down. So he did what he said.

So I just wanted to remind you about friday nights game and make sure you are ready and how important it is. There are going to be scouts at the game so I expect you at your best.

Swallowing hard Cory nodded his head. He knew all of this. He been on his ass all week about being ready.  

I know couch he told him I promise I wont screw up.

Good so long as we are clear then that's all. He leaned back in his chair and dismissed him.

Cory got up and walked out fast to his next class as he was walking down the hall he spotted the new girl. So he went up to her.

Hey you.

She looked up at him like he was crazy.

I didn't get your name first peered.

She didn't know if she wanted to tell him her name or not. She thought on it for a min. Finally she decide she would tell him.

Sara and why dose it matter to you?

Because you are my partner and we need to get to gather that's why. 

He grabed her hand and wrote his number on her hand. 

She tryed to pull back from him but he wouldn't let her go in tell he was dose with her. 

There you go call me when your ready to work. He left it as that and walked away.

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