A Witch in Pokémon - Season 1; Chapter 1

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Bloom looked out of her window in discontent. Her long naturally wavy, unkempt black hair cascaded down to her waist. Her emerald-green and round-shaped eyes, which were framed by long, and thick eyelashes looks out of the window, and to the distance; unfocused. Her refined nose had a bulbous tip which made it extremely adorable. Her olive complexion looked as if it was glowing underneath the rays of sunlight as she stood at 5ft' 7 inches in her slender bod, a body many would envy; especially her legs. She was the perfect blend of her parents.

Her eyes, complexion, and hair are what she inherited from her father while her eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows and overall heart-shaped facial structure; she inherited those from her mother. A classic with a hint of an exoticness— beauty of the British aristocracy.

She had just turned 18 not long after she fully finished her schooling at Hogwarts. Thankfully at school, she was mostly left alone except for the few younger students who all wanted autographs from the Girl-Who-Lived. Now that she had graduated, the Auror Division had already invited her to join them, along with the Unspeakables.

What she truly wanted was a quiet life where she didn't have to be worried about being recognized in fear of being mobbed by either fans or reporters. While Ron and Hermoine were fine with using their new celebrity statuses as part of the Golden Trio to further their dreams and careers, it wasn't what Bloom wanted. Besides, with their new budding professions, the two hardly ever had the time to speak anymore. Which she understood but it didn't stop her from feeling out of place when her two friends could move on but she was still stuck in the past.

She wanted to change. She wanted a new life where nobody recognized who she was and where everyone would know her as just Bloom.

"You look lonely for someone who is world-famous for defeating one of the most nefarious Dark Lords in history," a smooth female voice said.

Bloom immediately turned around with her wand in hand.

"Who are you?" Bloom demanded, keeping her eye on the mysterious woman who suddenly appeared in the middle of her living room.

"I am Fate."

"No really, who are you?" Bloom asked with a wary tone.

"You may not believe me but I am as I say," the woman shrugged. "Now then, I heard your wish. Do you want to go to a place where no one could recognize you? A place  where you'd be acknowledged for your own merits rather than fame, fortune or family name?"

Bloom stayed silent but glared at the woman for hitting the nail right on the head.

"I'll grant it for you," the woman offered with a smile.

"Let's say that I believe you," Bloom voices out with narrowed eyes. "What would the catch be?"

"No catch this time. You've fulfilled my prophecy. In return, I can give you a new chance in life. It is not like I am giving you immortality or anything." Fate shrugged again. "I'll give you another 30 minutes to write some goodbye letters before I send you off."

Without another word, Fate disappeared.

Bloom stood there stunned before scrambling to write the said letters. It didn't seem like Fate was going to give her a choice and she'd rather leave some sort of explanation behind for Hermoine and Ron rather than them thinking she'd been kidnapped.... even though that was kind of what was happening. But something in her gut made her excited for something new.

The thirty-minute timer soon ended just as she signed her name on Ron's letter before she felt herself go weak.

Then it was black.

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