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Oh my gosh, if I had one wish right now...I would wish for Abby, Charlie and Nathan to be here...because then at least I’ll have some normal people to talk to!

Instead of scrambled up brains of stupid teenagers, including my brothers.....and no offense to the little ones...but they’re not really ‘talkative’ material as all they wanna do is run around the place...not that I’m really complaining thou, because it’s pretty amusing to watch.

“Tom!” I gasp eyes slightly widening as I peer over to the four year old crouched on the floor and smearing some kind of food – looking like cake, all over it “You don’t do that...” I try to scold him moving over and picking him up, but failing at scolding as I bit my lip to hold back a smirk that’s forming on my face, because even I find that a bit funny, and honestly, don’t really care that he’s just spread food all over the floor...meh, the amount of money these people have could properly afford to replace the whole floor and still have enough to fly across the world and back.

Posh tw*ts.

Tom just grins up at me, obviously sensing that I’m not really mad at him..and I chuckle at his adorable face and ruffle his hair allowing him to run off again....

Oh but it’s not like I’m letting him run’m letting him run off, towards a bunch of other little kids his age, because like I said before..there’s kids here all ages...and a few around Tom’s age....and all those kids are over in a corner getting kept entertained by a few workers...and guess who’s sat with them like a complete loser?

Yup, me.

And what makes it worse, is that it was my choice to be here...well kinda. As this is really the only place that I’m more comfortably with to be, seeing as my brothers are off somewhere still tryin to pull girls......

Me and my 12 brothers. YES....12 brothers!Read this story for FREE!