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                “Of course you guys are back to arguing,” Mik laughed as me, her, and Alan headed into the science museum, paying for our tickets. “You expected some sort of revelation where she decided she’d be nice to you forever?” I rolled my eyes as she said this, continuing into the main part of the museum while Alan was buying his ticket.

                “No, but I thought we were making some progress for about a week. We didn’t argue as much and she actually seemed to maybe like me a bit.”

                “Tyler, this whole thing is going to take time,” Mik scolded as Alan caught up, the three of us going through the main exhibit in the science museum, checking out a display on how condensation worked. There were some moveable pieces for little kids and Mik picked up one of them, moving it to its correct spot on the board. “She’s gone through life expecting everyone to go after me and you basically said to her that you choose her over me. I mean, you didn’t say you want to date her or anything, but that’s sort of a big deal. And after all the shit she’s given you,”

                “You’re still around,” Alan finished, starting to put the pieces for the display in the wrong places, snickering while Mik moved them where they belonged. She glared over at him and he grinned back at her. “I, personally, think you’re crazy for liking her.”

                “It’s not like I chose to,” I mumbled. “It just sort of happened.”

                “We know,” Mikayla and Alan said in unison, and we moved on from the condensation display over to one on water tension. There was a useable experiment, which I immediately started toying with. There was hardly anyone else in the museum, some kids running around with parents, giving us a majority of the museum to ourselves. We wandered through some of the exhibits before stopping in front of the temporary exhibit we’d come here for: the astronomy exhibit. At the end there was a planetarium to view the constellations in, and that was Mik’s main reason for wanting to come. There were some not in the sky right now, apparently, and she wanted to get to see them. I had no idea certain stars weren’t in the sky all the time, but she’d explained that apparently that wasn’t the case where we lived. I honestly could’ve gone my whole life not knowing that, but it was important to Mik and Alan actually seemed a bit interested, himself.

                “I can’t wait for this,” she said, running immediately to the planetarium. Alan just rolled his eyes over at her, pulling his phone out of his pocket to text his mystery girl, who I now know is Marie. We’ll continue referring to her as mystery girl, though. Gotta keep the magic alive, right?

                “Seriously, bro, what’s her number? Maybe I know her,” I offered up as we walked by a display showing the history of horoscopes. Alan gave me a deadpan look as he put his phone back in his pocket.

                “If I knew who she was, so would you. How many girls do you know that I don’t, again?”

                “Well,” I started, but Alan immediately cut me off.

                “Your grandma doesn’t count.”

                “Fine, then!” I said, holding up my hands, giving up. “I just wish you’d figure out who she is so it’s not as annoying when you text her.”

                “Pff how is what I do with my phone personally annoying you? Just because I haven’t turned it into some big mystery to solve doesn’t mean it’s worth noting.”

                “You turn everything into a big mystery, Alan. Why not this?” I asked as we reached the planetarium, Mikayla already inside. We waved at a museum employee as we started down a short hallway that led me to the planetarium. That was probably to keep light out of the place so the constellations could be viewed better.

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