Chapter 8

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I leaned back on the couch and stared at the televison, trying to get something out of Mickey Mouse. I had just left Sandy's.


"Yeah?'' My brother responded, his eyes glued on the screen. He probably wouldn't listen to anything I would say, but whatever.

"Why do you like Mickey Mouse so much?" I asked, observing a strand of hair. My slight blond highlights were finally fading. I hated them, they made my natural auburn-colored hair look tacky. I wished the hot summer sun never did any damage to my hair. But a girl can only dream.

He merely shrugged. ''I dunno. Settles the nerves, I reckon.." 

"Hah! What nerves?!" I laughed, then bit at a nail. Whoops, I forgot they were painted. I was happy Sandy had picked a light but beautiful color, because I didn't want Two-Bit to ask any questions.  And, I didn't want to stand out. Most greaser girls wear black or red nail polish, mine were almost transparent. I had also got a good look at the bottle, lemme tell you something, that stuff's not cheap. The type most greaser girls wore could usually be found in a convience shop, but the type Sandy had was only found in real beauty shops. I knew because I would sometimes walk over by Linda's Beauty Market and I see the same brand there. I'd tell Two-Bit I was gonna grab a bite to eat when I would go nail polish admiring. I could've swiped a couple bottles right then and there, but I didn't want to be caught with something so girly by my brother. He'd laugh his head off. That's why I usually swipe sewing kits, art supplies, magazines, or books. Sewing supplies so I could hem up some of my clothes and such, art supplies because I'm what you call 'creative,' and magazines and books because....well you know that part already.

"I do have nerves!' My brother said, absentmindedly. 

"Sure, sure." I loved picking an arguement with him, and I would usually win too. That's something you don't see everyday, a 15-yr-old grease girl teasing her almost 19-year-old tough brother.

With a smirk, I got up and turned Two-Bit's source of Mickey Mouse off. 

"Hey, Nicole, I was watching that!" He whined, his butt still implanted on the carpet. I never understood why he prefers sitting on the carpet than the couch, guess it was another thing weird about him. Well I wouldn't consider it weird...after all, a lot of things about me are considered 'weird' too. Like how I sniff food before I eat it. Or how I wear the same socks to bed every night. (But I wash them so..haha)  The list goes on.

I smiled innocently. "Oh, come on, Two-Bit, let's do something today!" I cheerfully said.

He reluctantly stood up and cocked an eyebrow. "Like what?"

My arms swung at my sides, like a little girl's. "Ummm...I dunno..." 

Keith didn't answer, so I asked: "Hey, shouldn't you be with the gang?" 

"Um, no. When you were with Sandy, Steve and I got into a bet..."

I signaled him to continue. "He bet that I can't stand away from the gang for more than 12 hours And if I do show up around them in less than 12 hours, I can't date for a month."

I snorted indignantly. "That's it? Pfffttt..easy. And even if you do lose, it's just one month"

"Easy for you to say!" He snapped, turning away to go to the kitchen. 

I sighed and followed him. "It ain't that bad." I said again.

"Yeah, and you're only sayin' that 'cause you've never been in a relationship in your whole life." He said, opening the ice box to grab a beer. 

I reached for a Pepsi. "You're right."

Then a smirk creeped up on my older brother's face. " and Ponyboy are havin' a secret romance?!" Then he laughed to himself.

"Shut up!" I punched his shoulder. 

He forced himself to stop then continuedl "But you guys are so cute!"

Not in the mood for his crap, I casually walked out of the kitchen to the living room.

I plopped myself on the couch and he did the same. "So, I forgot to ask was your girl-time with Sandy?"

"Good." I responded, rolling my eyes.

"That's good,"


"I see your nails are painted."

"Yeah." Crap.

"You know, I know..."

I finally turned to face him. "Know what??"

 His cocky grin appeared again. Ugh, sometimes I just hated that grin. It was so freakin' annoying! 

"That you stop by that beauty store when you say you're grabbing a bite to eat." Two-Bit simply said, as he squatted down to turn on the tv.

I couldn't deny it. "So?"

My brother found the channel Mickey was on and took his seat. "Nothing....It's just, so girly..I never expected my baby sister to have an interest in nail polish."

 With my arms still crossed, I said, "So you're saying I'm not girly?"

He sighed. "You, know, Nicole, you love to tease me, but when I tease you, you get so mad and defensive."

I scoffed. "Only when you make dating joke. It ain't cute, Two-Bit, and you know it too."

"Well, yeah, I know it ain't cute...but I'm your big brother, of course I enjoy teasin' ya." Two-Bit playfully nudged me.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." I smiled, loosening up a bit. "Sorry, I can be so uptight."

"You got that right." 

"Don't push it." I mockingly warned.


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