Chapter Eight- Daniel

"What's wrong?" I asked when I saw Sophia's reaction from the package. 

"It's from my father," she barely whispered. 

Confused, I asked, "What is wrong with that?"

She looks at me with fear in her eyes, tears threatening to spill, and her hands were shaking.

Wrapping my arms around her, I carried her to her front door. The door opened when I had rung the doorbell a few times, and Elena answer looking like she was bout to say something before she saw Sophia panicking.

"What happened. Why is she like that?" Mrs. Martinez asked concerned.

Looking down at Sophia,I saw that she was sobbing. I sat on their couch with Sophia in my lap and her face on my shoulder. When her mom saw the package she gasped.

"How did he find us?" Elena asked the air around her as if it would whisper back.

Sophia calmed down enough for her to form a sentence. 

"What is in the package?" she wanted to know, her voice slightly shaking.

Her mother opened the box, slightly bigger than my head, and stole a glance inside. At first she was confused then started pulling out objects inside. A small stack of letters bound together by a rubber band, an oval locket, a photo album, and a stack of cash, also bound by a rubber band. 

"What do the letters say?" Sophia asked while looking at the locket.

Elena grabbed the letters and skimmed through the first one.

"It says that he has been in AA groups and anger management classes," she skimmed a few others and continued, "It also says that he wants to meet us on Saturday for dinner. He left a number for us to call him. Sophie, there is also a letter for you." she said reaching for the letter at the bottom of the box.

by this time they still hadn't told me what was wrong with her dad but i had gotten a rough idea as to what was wrong. 

Just to be safe, I asked, "Sophie, what's wrong?"

She looked up at me with fresh tears in her eyes and responded, "My father is the reason I couldn't talk and the scar on my face. He is the reason I would find bruises on my mom so many times."

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